[rifle] Iver Johnson 1911 45 ACP $661.04

[rifle] Iver Johnson 1911 45 ACP $661.04


[rifle] Iver Johnson 1911 45 ACP $661.04

34 reviews for [rifle] Iver Johnson 1911 45 ACP $661.04

  1. BobbyWasabiMk2

    Thank you ATF & NFA, very cool

  2. NJ_Escapee

    Does God no longer talk to us because He’s ashamed of what we’ve become? Or is He afraid of what He’s created?

  3. MoscowMayhem

    Fudds triggered

  4. KylePeepoHands

    What the fuck


    so if I remove the stock and chop the barrel flush with the slide, have I committed a crime?

  6. PNW_Hunter

    What in tarnation

  7. uhkayus

    What the fuck

  8. NotUndercoverNJSP

    What a terrible day to have eyes.

  9. johnhd

    This thing belongs on one of those “pistol vs. rifle vs. SBR” meme diagrams.

  10. saucystromboli42

    What the fuck

  11. slayerclub

    What the fuck

  12. NotoriousDVA

    [As I understand it, the loooongboi barrel and stock are how you make a handgun UK legal, although it might have to be 22lr too.](https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/02/17/more-uk-legal-pistols/)

    Why would anyone want one in the US? I got nothin’.

  13. bitofgrit

    How are the sights “4lbs”?

  14. CrazedCthulhu

    Somebody made this on purpose

  15. yellowback69

    That’s one big ole Johnson

  16. salemlakes

    anyone who hasnt seen it needs to look up the 3011…. god works in mysterious ways

  17. teuwgle

    15 round mag, mill the slide for a red dot, get one of those monstrous rail adapters for a light or even a foregrip and call it a day. This hog is done fucked.

  18. krismasstercant

    I thought we were in England for a sec.

  19. 01000101_01111010

    Is this the British compliant model?

  20. mightjustbearobot

    What the fuck

  21. Bjshocky

    CA law says that is an assault weapon. rip

  22. aztkpanda

    Am I the only one getting Resident Evil 4 vibes?

  23. Sharpz214

    What the fuck?

  24. alex-lexa

    This store domain and this picture.. what in the Frankenstein is going on here

  25. Emergency_Doubt

    CA legal? 🤔

  26. LeftyMage

    I’m so torn on this. It’s an abomination for sure, but it’s also an affordable .45 rifle. I can’t think of any other .45 rifles (besides the Hi-Point, off the top of my head) that come in near this price.

  27. Neoliberal_Boogeyman

    what would John Moses Browning do

  28. Keroro_Roadster

    Can I get this with a thompson m1 style vertical foregrip, binary trigger, and a big stick mag hanging out the bottom? I need a new carry piece to go with my 1920s trenchcoat.

  29. InfiniteWood

    C96 at home:

  30. bugaboo754

    I mean…..When the 3011 exists why buy this?

  31. 55tinker


  32. Ocean_faux

    I actually do want it, tbh.

  33. SCR0NK

    I love it

  34. connerbv

    That’s disgusting

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