[Rifle] Howa HCRA73102F Australian Precision Chassis 308 Win 24″ $836

[Rifle] Howa HCRA73102F Australian Precision Chassis 308 Win 24″ $836


[Rifle] Howa HCRA73102F Australian Precision Chassis 308 Win 24″ $836

21 reviews for [Rifle] Howa HCRA73102F Australian Precision Chassis 308 Win 24″ $836

  1. squilliam777

    So what makes this Australian? Will it call me a cunt when I miss and rant about emus to itself when it’s in the safe?

  2. passing-aggressive

    Shouldn’t it be upside down?

  3. UgliestCookie

    Howa bout that.

  4. whysitcold

    Been wanting a fun bolt gun to get into some distance shooting. What do you guys think of this? Good starting platform?

  5. BussyAficionado

    The RPR killer at half the price. This is the heavy barrel model, the best and hardest to find. It’s been sold out for months and I’m guessing just got unloaded at the Port of L.A.

    NB4 muh 6.5creedzmore. 10k round count barrel life vs 2,500.

  6. PCgaming4ever

    I’m looking for a hunting rifle not a long range one right now but man is this tempting

  7. mpayne82941

    This is a great deal. Howa makes excellent rifles for the price.

  8. yodamiles

    Can I install a folding stock adapter to this? Like the Matador Arms Sidewinder.

  9. DoYouEvenTIG

    Another option is to grab a Southern Cross Small Arms TSP-X chassis for your regular Howa. Still Australian made, very good quality for the price. Folding stock that has a really nice lockup and locks both ways. Not to mention it folds to the left so you can run the bolt while it’s folded.

  10. Cogmeister17

    But are the mags available.

    I can’t find dick for mags for my 6.5 grendel howa

  11. Blaze1219

    Ordered. Thanks

  12. Revlimiter11

    Should I get this so my wife and I can LARP Mark and Sam?

  13. lv_techs

    I’d take one in a 16″ barrel

  14. GrantLucke

    Howas are great rifles. Had a 223 heavy barrel for a while. Good actions, accurate barrels. With handloads I managed 2 10-shot groups back to back that measured 3/4 MOA average. I believe There are companies making prefit barrels for them now, and MDT and KRG make chassis inlets. Personally I would chuck the scope, but it’s a good start.

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    does it come with the scope

  17. Mr_Perfect20

    I have this in 6.5CM and grey flag cerakote. It’s a really quality rig. The only thing to dislike is the tiny bolt knob.

  18. okcumputer

    Damn! Had I not bought my Bergara HMR wilderness last year, I would be all over this!

  19. JackEstab0n

    What’s the difference between the one with the F at the end and without it?

  20. [deleted]


  21. Siganid

    Yesterday I could visit the website, today it throws a security error.

    What’s going on?

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