[Rifle] HK MP5 .22LR Rifle W/Faux Suppressor – $419.95

[Rifle] HK MP5 .22LR Rifle W/Faux Suppressor – $419.95


[Rifle] HK MP5 .22LR Rifle W/Faux Suppressor – $419.95

23 reviews for [Rifle] HK MP5 .22LR Rifle W/Faux Suppressor – $419.95

  1. Double__Monocles

    Can you do the charging handle slap with this?

  2. zorbaguppie

    I hear these are decently reliable. Nice find OP

  3. bkn95


  4. CookingwithKafka

    Oos goddammit

    Saved me from myself

  5. Seraek_Wolf

    Some dude on Armslist is trying to sell one of these for $1k near me.

  6. Alex-GXO

    Too poor to afford the real thing? Buy this HK (actually Umarex) clone. Your wife’s boyfriend won’t even know the difference

  7. Linkmaco3

    Eh, add it to the, “shit I don’t need but would’ve bought in a heartbeat off r/gundeals if I had been on my phone instead of doing outdoor shit” list

  8. ChampagnePlumper

    Are these plastic?

  9. a_sick_moose

    Got one for 463 with tax included. This is buy it now pricing. I can slap it, it’s got metal lower and upper receiver and you can run high velocity or subs you just got to tune it

  10. zarcommander

    This vs gsg 16?

  11. cdillon42

    Love the “only authorized” part lol

  12. MasonP2002

    Ooh, they re-released these? Interesting.

  13. theatfshotmycats

    Will these take the binary trigger packs?

  14. ComradeHX

    Just buy gas blowback airsoft(vfc v2); has better externals(steel and polymer where it should be, constructed/breakdown like a real mp5 instead of a .22lr travesty with screwholes) and no ffl fee, more fun(probably more recoil, fullauto & some have burst) and way cheaper to shoot. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5adj7ybTlg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5adj7ybTlg)

    [Umarex is a rebrander for those too.](https://shop.jkarmy.com/umarex-h-k-mp5a5-gen-2-gbbr-asia-edition-by-vfc.html)


    [I’m pretty sure this is externally closer/identical in dimension to real mp5 too; so real furnitures can be installed.](https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/ovc1t2/vfc_mp5_gas_woody/)

    If you’re going to be a poor, at least get one that looks decent.

  15. akathedevil666

    Is this a Faux Suppressor or are you happy to see me?

  16. Oh_u_know_the_thing

    This is about what I paid like 7 yrs ago. It’s a fun range toy. Haven’t shot it god knows how long tho

  17. IrregularMango


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  19. jayshootguns


  20. Alex-GXO

    Bot oos

  21. OwlThief32

    I wonder if the GSG-5 Mags will work with this. I bought the GSG-5 before HKs legal action and they had to redesign it

  22. GTE_Engineering

    [10 round mag version is still in stock](https://aimsurplus.com/hk-mp5-22-lr-rifle-w-10rd-magazine/) and who cares since they both only come with 1 mag

  23. MFOslave

    If these are the ones made by walther they are solid.

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