[Rifle] H&K 416 22 Long Rifle 16.1in Black Semi Automatic Rifle – $399

[Rifle] H&K 416 22 Long Rifle 16.1in Black Semi Automatic Rifle – $399


[Rifle] H&K 416 22 Long Rifle 16.1in Black Semi Automatic Rifle – $399

14 reviews for [Rifle] H&K 416 22 Long Rifle 16.1in Black Semi Automatic Rifle – $399

  1. AnEffortIsBeingMade

    Made by the airsoft company Umarex, only branded HK. It’s at best barely not garbage, but the QC is lousy and the one I got was so bad it almost gave me apoplexy.

    edit: in the interest of giving constructive feedback: keep an eye out for a sale on the Tippman .22. That’s a much, much, much better rifle and well worth the extra couple hundred.

  2. 3LTee

    HK416 at home:

  3. Skirt-Administrative

    I’ve got the pistol version and have had zero issues…picked up the adapter from h&k and threw a brace on it….fires anything I put through it.

  4. dae_giovanni

    I bought one of these years ago– also got the “HK” MP5 in .22lr, as well.

    it’s fun, never had a single hiccup, no issues whatsoever. couldn’t even guess at a round count, but it’s significant.

    that said, I’d probably go a different route, nowadays, unless you just LOVE the 416 look. most of the internals on the “HK” are faker’n shit. it’s not bad, just that you probably can do better.

  5. Curious_Joke

    H&K (Umarex) 416 .22 < S&W M&P 15-22 < CMMG 22LR Conv. kit + AR < CMMG 22LR Conv. kit + CMMG barrel w/ AR build < Tippman Arms M4-22 Elite < CMMG Conv Kit + barrel + Borebuddy stuff in any AR build.

  6. NotoriousDVA

    if the real 416 is Kraut Space Magic, is this Kraut Orbital Parlor Tricks?

  7. BunnyMoeLester

    -it has a barrel sleeve

  8. Jypson

    I had one of these, definitely not garbage. Very reliable. My only complaint was the metallic twang when it fired.

  9. EMTPirate

    Just get an upper, add a CMMG barrel and bolt, and handguard. Then you have a great .22 that you can slap on your normal lower with your Gucci trigger.

  10. DerKrieger105

    There are Umarex made guns with questionable QC spend a little more and get the Tippmann

  11. No-Coyote-7455

    Mine has 5k plus rounds through it without even the smallest hiccup. Never cleaned it or even lubed . So they will work. I use my for ground squirrels and gophers . Keep it out in my shop in a safe; no climate control. So finish must be pretty decent to deal with humidity and temp changes .

  12. Oliver_Closeof

    I’ve been wanting one of these, or the Walther Hammerelli…..so as a 22, does it suck?

  13. TheSurgicalOne

    Put a FRT in and just as good as the real thing… right?

  14. PGT_FTW

    This is a good price….I bought from CDNN for more. Snagged a couple of them as cheap trainers/suppressor hosts.

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