[RIFLE] Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5″ $269.99

[RIFLE] Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5″ $269.99


[RIFLE] Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5″ $269.99

21 reviews for [RIFLE] Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5″ $269.99

  1. mattypew

    “We call this here a bullpup cuz this bitch got kick.”

  2. 6_1_5

    I had one of these a few years ago, but gave it to my brother, when I got to where I could afford better guns. He still shoots it regularly, or at least he did before the covid. It is not a fabulous firearm, but it has been reliable (the only failure I ever had was when it was insanely filthy from days of shooting without cleaning) and fun to shoot.

  3. yw4lkwhenUcanride

    inb4 the dentists come in and say you need $3000 knights armament to shoot at the local range

    oh im too late

  4. FridayNiteGoatParade

    I need this with hundred dollar bill finish

  5. cakan4444

  6. Remarkable-Host405

    Why would i spend $900 on a tavor 9mm kit when I can have this for 270 plus the bullpup kit for 250? decisions, decisions…

  7. Jesussaves1972

    Really want one. Unfortunately CT banned them. wth

  8. TimeSympathy1020

    Oh man I want one of these. They used to carry a bunch at Academy and went on sale all the time but then the rona happened and I guess new buyers snatched them all up. Are they fun to just plink with? I know they make some neat aftermarket frames for these.

    Edit: Also can you use hipoint 10 round pistol mags in these?

  9. DUXZ

    So we all know that this thing is ugly as fuck and you can drop 250 to get a Bullpup kit for it. But does it go bang every time you pull the trigger and is it accurate up to 50 yards?

  10. KingOfTheP4s

    This is a hard buy that I can not stress enough, this is a **fantastic** carbine that you will be shooting for years. It’s such a good gun for the price point.

  11. Threeknucklesdeeper

    If you want a pcc, dont mind getting made fun of, and just want to shoot, this is a great choice. Have one, love it, get shit on every time it comes out.

  12. c11anderson

    I just want a yeet cannon

  13. tubby45

    Haven’t ordered from this vendor myself, but a friend did with no issues.

  14. FlashtheHero

    Don’t get me wrong, I bet these are fun. In practicality, is there anything different about using this vs a Glock with one of those rifle conversion housings? Like better range, accuracy, anything?

  15. showercrepes

    Two of these or 1.3 extars?

  16. magic8balI

    I don’t know what it was about this gun, but I was accurate out to 200 yards with irons while standing with iron sights. I shot this gun ridiculously well, and could never understand it.

  17. Masterbush369

    Seller gtg. Weapon is not

  18. IrregularMango


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  20. FlashtheHero

    For reliability, fun, cost etc, which is the recommended caliber to buy?

  21. 55tinker

    Memes aside your money is better spent on literally anything else

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