[Rifle] Hi Point 4095TS .40S&W Carbine $239.95 plus tax and ship

[Rifle] Hi Point 4095TS .40S&W Carbine $239.95 plus tax and ship


[Rifle] Hi Point 4095TS .40S&W Carbine $239.95 plus tax and ship

11 reviews for [Rifle] Hi Point 4095TS .40S&W Carbine $239.95 plus tax and ship

  1. cdillon42

    not taking glock mags is the killer

  2. WiseDirt

    Only $40 to go and it’ll be back down to the same price Cabela’s was stocking them at in 2019

  3. zorbaguppie

    Use coupon GARANDTHUMB for 10% off this particular model

  4. TriggerFinger1

    I’m waiting for these to go below $200

  5. badmotivator11

    Honestly I’d get one in 9mm for this price.

  6. youlilsaltyboi

    Baseball bats are cheaper.

  7. thehumungus

    low point

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  9. ChakaCausey

    Ugly as sin but from the research I’ve done these go bang every time you pull the trigger without fail. Single stack mag sucks, and the Redball mags look goofy as hell and have questionable reliability, but probably a solid truck gun.

  10. ArxMengels

    Ugh wish this was in 9. I want this but don’t want to add another caliber to my collection.

  11. TimeSympathy1020

    Are we ever going to see these super cheap and everywhere again like pre-cough? I used to say “I’ll grab one eventually” then eventually never came as they all disappeared. There are probably thousands of them sitting in old lady closets as I type this.

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