27 reviews for [Rifle] HERITAGE ROUGH RIDER RANCHER CARBINE 22LR $249.99 Free Ship No Tax

  1. ilikepie145

    That’s actually kinda sick lol

  2. InterestingCraft3

    Big iron on his… shoulder

  3. GabapentinGetaway

    id buy it for 120

  4. BattleGnome5foot7

    Any word on if these work with the 22mag cylinders? Seems like it would be a lot of fun.

  5. 1202_ProgramAlarm

    Cowboy boner fuel

  6. mike1919

    Heritage is arguably the cheapest manufacturer that has product rather consistently “available” nationwide to dealers (like us). That’s not a criticism, just a historical fact. The things do sell well because of their price point. I never really suggest a Heritage for remotely serious use, nor do I take any pleasure in stocking them; usually pointing out that the Ruger Wrangler is the “better” budget SA rimfire revolver (semantics). But when the only concerns are: A) Is it a firearm, and B) Is it cheap, well; they do sell–And Heritage has taken consistently **good care of customers** who do have problems with their products. At $249 for one of their harder to find models (within $25 of dealer cost actually), this is not a bad deal. We have had to send more than a few back with issues; but I chalk a lot of that up to folks expecting much much more in quality, serviceability and performance than they should out of a relatively cheap plinker. Not sure why I felt compelled to share that. I think I have Heritage revolver sales-induced PTSD.

  7. Gingercopia

    Not for $250, but I’ve been wanting one of these and then get access to a 3D printer and [VOILA](https://imgur.com/a/ZkAkysW)!

  8. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    These things are cool as hell. I have one.

    Buy it.

  9. redsugarplacebo

    Showing up as $289.99 for me

  10. Sample_Name

    Ugh this actually looks really awesome. Don’t think I can justify it to my wife though.

  11. forestlights

    Is that stock detachable? Could this be outfitted with pistol grips for occasional Joker LARPing?

  12. Baxterftw

    This be the rutiness, tooteness, shootiness squirrel gun I ever did sawn

  13. rdxj

    Gonna need the price per inch on this one.

  14. mjisdagoat23

    Dang. C’mon guys release the TX22 again. You know you want this money.

  15. Kosco97

    Shows $290

  16. DaBlueCaboose

    Don’t bring this to Guardian Training Center lmao

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  18. Emergency_Doubt

    Went to checkout on different item and price came up in cart the nonsale price. Double check if you checkout, not sure what’s up.

  19. wanttobeoceanside

    I’m going to wait for that diamondback to be released into the wild.

  20. kane-train-88

    Can this ship to mn?

  21. sagyus

    Man. If only someone would convert the golden beauty into a rifle.

  22. Sharktooth96

    Is it possible to get this for the $120 or did the other guy win that?

  23. 62rambler

    Buy the 22mag cylinder and blast away. I love mine.

  24. princeoinkins

    because God is dead and we have killed him

  25. bellyjellykoolaid

    There’s a guy who made a 3d printed outer shell that looked pretty cool. I’ll try to find it

  26. Ok_Understanding1612

    Don’t take it to Guardian Training Center or they’ll shoo your butt right out of there .

  27. gatsRus

    Idk why I need this but I feel like I kinda do

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