[Rifle] Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 22 LR 8+1 16.13″ Black – $227.74

[Rifle] Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 22 LR 8+1 16.13″ Black – $227.74


[Rifle] Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 22 LR 8+1 16.13″ Black – $227.74

11 reviews for [Rifle] Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 22 LR 8+1 16.13″ Black – $227.74

  1. cohort35

    These are fun. As long as you understand what you’re getting its no big deal

    Compared to a 1022 takedown backpacker stock, this one is still smaller, lighter, and is capable of floating on water and also costs a lot less. You also have the military heritage of being a survival rifle used by US aircrews. Additionally, if you want to go nuts, you can buy add ons that allow you to use AR pistol grips and stocks (you of course lose the ability to store the gun in the stock) from Haga Defense (formerly Dan Haga Designs). There are also integrally suppressed barrels available for these guns.

    That being said, a 1022 takedown backpacker is loads easier to mount optics to and use 1022 mags which are higher capacity and readily available. You also get the benefits of all the 1022 aftermarket, which the AR7 is lacking in some respects. A 1022 will also probably last longer in parts and regular wear and tear than an AR7 will. An AR7 was not made to be an every weekend type of plinker like a 1022 is.

    For plinking, the AR7s are surprisingly accurate and reliable. The trigger is nothing to write home about and the ergonomics are nonexistent, but this was always meant to be a survival gun, not a range toy. If you want a plinker, go with a 1022. If you want something weird, different, and surprisingly good, then the AR7 is not a bad choice by any means.

  2. ilikejollyranchers

    James Bond can shoot down a helicopter with one of these!

  3. dircs

    Whenever I see these I want one, but I already have a 10/22 takedown with the backpacker stock so it just doesn’t seem practical.

  4. DrScaryGuy

    looks like cheapest shipping is about $20, putting this up to $250 plus transfer fees.

    I don’t think I’ve seen ever seen these sell for more than $260 at a brick and mortar, even during the pandemic. (okay, well maybe at a few terrible shops that overpriced everything).

    This is definitely one of those deals where you should check your local shop and see what OTD price they can give you. They may be able to match, they may be able to beat, or they may just say “yeah, we’ll just take your transfer fee money, go ahead and order”. But giving them the option to weigh in can pay off down the road.

  5. RobbKyro

    Shot one, felt cheap and mags were real finicky. Maybe just a bad experience.

  6. raifsevrence

  7. CaptainBradford

    $279 at Academy without FFL fees or shipping.

  8. MassumanCurryIsGood

    Why do these “survival” guns always use 22lr? Isn’t almost anything a better option? Is it simply that 22LR is the cheapest? Lightest? I would think using a caliber that can be reloaded would be a minimum requirement.

  9. Bob_Perdunsky

    I got on of these about a year and I hated at first but after taking it on a backpacking trip I really started to like it. It is surprisingly accurate and I love that it packs into such a small nearly snag free form.

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  11. nopreynopay

    This is without a doubt the ugliest gun I’ve ever seen, my stomach immediately became nauseous the moment I saw the photo.

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