[Rifle] Henry Lever-Action X Model .45-70 Government Rifle – $899 + Tax

[Rifle] Henry Lever-Action X Model .45-70 Government Rifle – $899 + Tax


[Rifle] Henry Lever-Action X Model .45-70 Government Rifle – $899 + Tax

11 reviews for [Rifle] Henry Lever-Action X Model .45-70 Government Rifle – $899 + Tax

  1. mkporwit

    They also have the Big Boy X in [38/357](https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/246778) for $899

  2. GAFsBro

    “Hah, my level 3 plates stopped your 45-70!”

    *dies anyway

  3. Never_fucking_curses

    This or wait for the new marlins?

  4. whysitcold

    Oh boy. I’ve been itching to get a lever action for some reason.

    Can someone tell me – This? Or 357/.38 version?

    Pretty much only going to be used at the range

  5. Mc_squawk_box

    Holding out for the much sexier marlin.

  6. 650REDHAIR

    Fuck. me OOS

  7. dbctny

    Bot oos

  8. Najio181

    They are not in stock atm but sportsman’s warehouse has them normally $830.

  9. Xyes

    Hmmm, cheaper range ammo or being prepared for velociraptors. . . Guys I can’t decide.

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