[Rifle] Henry H001 .22 LR – $349.99

[Rifle] Henry H001 .22 LR – $349.99


[Rifle] Henry H001 .22 LR – $349.99

9 reviews for [Rifle] Henry H001 .22 LR – $349.99

  1. netballr

    These are pretty great. I would suggest making your peace with iron sights only, though, as the sheet metal reciever cover does not hold optic zero very well. Mine hits to a different spot every time I take it out of the safe. Shoots great groups, they just wander around because the optic is not directly mounted to the frame of the gun.

  2. GrandCowboy

    Definitely in-stock, surprised to see BP not competitive price wise…ultimately come back to bite them. I bought one of these a week ago at LGS for $299

  3. Itchy_Promotion4336

    Not the best price I’ve seen, but I posted this because I haven’t seen them in stock lately

  4. TheChiRho

    These are fun

  5. dbctny


    Same one for $311 – Though if you don’t live near a Gander store the ffl and shipping probably bring it back up to Bass Pro price range.

  6. kingpcgeek

    I want the silver golden boy, but it’s $550 at a local Sportsman’s that is on the other side of Phoenix, about 50 miles from home.

  7. mcowley55

    Easily my favorite 22lr

  8. wanttobeoceanside

    One of my favorite 22’s to shoot. I think I have three of them.

  9. ArizonaHusky

    How does this compare with the browning BL22? I’m leaning towards the browning.

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