[Rifle] Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Optics Ready 5.56x45mm 16.5″ 30round – $3,199.99

[Rifle] Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Optics Ready 5.56x45mm 16.5″ 30round – $3,199.99


[Rifle] Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Optics Ready 5.56x45mm 16.5″ 30round – $3,199.99

26 reviews for [Rifle] Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Optics Ready 5.56x45mm 16.5″ 30round – $3,199.99

  1. jmike3543

    Surely for $3000 they would give you a chrome lined barrel right? Oh wait… it’s HK.

  2. tenchi4u

    I’ll just leave [THIS HERE](https://i.imgur.com/mU526U1.jpg) as a reminder for my fellow poors….

  3. [deleted]


  4. aSsAuLt-wEaPoNs

    If I become poor from buying this to not be a poor, am I poor?

  5. struddles100

    The thing that gets me with these is that they have made an A3 with ambi lower for years that we don’t get

  6. panda1876

    “Heckler & koch” apparently translates to “screw you broke ass”

  7. SeahawksClippersBro

    just quit being poor bruh

  8. SmoothJ1mmyApollo

    The virgin HK MR556A1 vs the Chad Sig 516 upper you get off GAFS and put on a PSA meme lower.

  9. ihopeicanchangel8r

    What’s the deal with these? Are they really worth more than any of the many other piston systems?

  10. OfficialHavik

    “Optics ready” on a rifle is the biggest bullshit ever lmao.

  11. mobes313

    What a flex! $3k. I need to find a cheaper gun deals thread that’s fit my broke ass ego.

  12. COVIDMadeMeANewt

    Just buy a KAC at that point.

  13. ninefeet

  14. wowthatsucked

    Did they ever fix the shit barrels on the civilian version that Battlefield Vegas complained about?

  15. magicjac68

    Saw the 3 grand price tag and thought “thats not a deal” oh wait…its HK.

  16. joseph-1998-XO

    Can I finance it over 3 years like a car?


  17. DrKDB

    HK marketing… Because you suck. And we hate you. 

  18. Various_Primary3783

    Me crying holding my pws and pof pistons….

  19. AmistosoPhoto

    I really love the way both of mine operate. Especially with the Nightforce optics sitting on them. They’re really good for hunting hogs while using thermals as well, since I have thermal on each one also… I can definitely recommend them since they have saved my life in many different operations in combat for the US SEALS, and as a US Ranger, and when I was overseas for 5 years while in the G.S.G. in Germany.

  20. CutsYouSoGood

    I don’t even think being a ‘poor’ warrants this overpriced dinosaur.

  21. CarsGunsBeer

    $550 Sig 516 upper leans in slowly and whispers, “Just as good”.

    HK: *angrycrywojakbehindcalmmask.jpg*

  22. upinflames26

    I’ll go toe to toe with social media girl over the price of this shitbox

  23. stumpy1218

    Not that I can afford this but a man can dream

    How much does it cost to convert this to a 416

  24. RodgerTibbs

    That’s about what I have in my URGI on a Radian with teh brwon m3m3 optrix R420R.

    Or I could have this with leftover MBUS…

    Well from experience, the URGI makes the poor’s dicks drip at first sight, and this requires me to tap someone I don’t know on the shoulder and immediately start explaining how this thing that looks JUST LIKE their Ruger is actually crafted specifically to make them feel bad about themselves.


    It just seems like a lot of work, is all I’m saying.

  25. Trevelayan

    Just buy a Sig 516 upper and use the rest on ammo to train with it.

  26. Jstentson

    Very fair price for these times

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