[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 16in .223/5.56 AR15 Rifle- Luna Black – $1,599.95 + tax/s&h

[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 16in .223/5.56 AR15 Rifle- Luna Black – $1,599.95 + tax/s&h


[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 16in .223/5.56 AR15 Rifle- Luna Black – $1,599.95 + tax/s&h

26 reviews for [Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 16in .223/5.56 AR15 Rifle- Luna Black – $1,599.95 + tax/s&h

  1. Platanium

    Can you guys stop posting BIN right after I get two guns, life is so hard

  2. alsydsamin

    1700 after shipping and tax. Good deal.

  3. klausvonespy

    This is ~$375 less than buying directly from Geissele so seems like it’s a great deal. FYI: the pistol version is also in stock for $450 off direct. You’re getting a non-blem rifle for less than Geissele’s blem price.


    This is an absolutely but it now price

  5. Infamous_Leg5896

    Buy It Now

  6. derfdog

    Please harness my wallet and hide it till these are OOS. I just bought an ODG one two weeks ago

  7. LuM0s-Wolf762

    No brainer . G man makes nice stuff . His website prices are outrageous. This is definitely reasonable for the lunar black.

  8. jmike3543

    What makes this rifle worth this much

  9. Various_Primary3783

    Awesome find

  10. radionicist

    Great rifle!

  11. CJ_Figy

    I’m confused….I just researched Geissele and their rifles and there’s so much hate for their pricing, but yet you have people like DD that sells their V7 pro for over 2 grand. And all the other high tier rifles for $2600+

  12. Dafuq710

    Smoothest AR I got, buy this shit right mf now

  13. ECHELON7x

    I can’t recommend these enough. Even under abusive amounts of fire, my Geissele Super Duty 11.5” SBR has little to no blowback gas. Even beats my Knight’s 11.5” SBR.

  14. CJ_Figy

    Is this just as good as Daniel defense?

  15. Killjoy1550

    This or the Larue UUK?

    *disclaimer, I already have a stripped lower that I was planning using for the UUk on but now this price has me wondering

  16. jaymassinello

  17. HannibalK


  18. ShittyAnalysisGuy

    Funny how people perceiv Geissele as some tophtier manufacturer when their springs (e.g. super 42) are worse than sprinco, triggers are worse than LaRue and made of some cast shit, handguards are just okay, BCGs are *really* nothing special, and gas blocks are known to leak (ask D. wilson mfg.)

    They’re upper-level pricing for solid mid-tier performance in my eyes.

    With that said, I’d get this rifle if you like the look, because it’s cheaper than piecing together a lot of this stuff I guess.

  19. Grand_Cookie

    I’m so glad I got one of the $1325 blems. If you’re interested in one of these I’d do it.

  20. Inevitable_Twist

    This or SOLGW 13.7 M4-76?

  21. thedeadlyrhythm

    holy fuck this is a hell of a deal

  22. who_farted_on_my_mic

    Maybe I’ll get a 2nd.

  23. Zerok800

    I still need to use two 35% off coupons

  24. donnyee-

    This vs a poverty PSA? (that I already own)
    Regarding SHTF and general range use

  25. Keener_22

    I was just making a list of parts for my next build last weekend, and you can’t build this rifle for this price (Atleast right now). Can’t wait for it to get here

  26. phmax1337

    Primary Arms had 10.3in pistol for sale for 1499 a few days ago, I wonder if manufacturer and retailers are trying to dump all the inventory prior to the brace ruling

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