[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 14.5” Rifle 5.56 Luna Black – $1499.99

[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 14.5” Rifle 5.56 Luna Black – $1499.99


[Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 14.5” Rifle 5.56 Luna Black – $1499.99

17 reviews for [Rifle] Geissele Super Duty 14.5” Rifle 5.56 Luna Black – $1499.99

  1. Thrillavanilla

    Gun prices are coming down but ammo still at 60¢/rd killllll meeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. BadKidNiceCity

    both Geissele and DD’s are hovering all day at $1500. This is great

  3. VisNihil

    This price range is about where the G rifles should be, IMO. At $1500, it’s very competitive with other offerings from DD and the like, but the $1800 they were wanting for Luna Black ***blems*** is a joke.

  4. Existing_Flow7762

    Is this pin and welded? Thanks

  5. gotnoaero

    Is this just as good as an Anderson?

  6. ThisHappenedBro

    Does this come with the premium oxide barrel that needs to be frequently lubed in order to prevent corrosion?

  7. renegadeGDI

    Is that surefire flash hider the suppressor adapter version? That would definitely make this more tempting.

  8. EvilProstatectomy

    Inb4 everyone on this sub starts talking about how Geissele is over-priced garbage

  9. outsidein292

    Thinking about getting one of these. Does anyone have any experience with the new barrel coating? I live in a super humid environment and I’m worried that the black oxide coating would be a problem.

  10. notorious_hdc

    This is p&w right?

  11. alsydsamin

    This is close to BIN for anyone curious.

  12. SkyNetBreaker

    Is this and sbr?

  13. TaskForceD00mer

    Im gonna ask the question, why this vs a DDM4V7 vs a SOLGW 13.7?

  14. GammaChemical

    After all the QC issues being posted on the internet, I wouldn’t touch a geissele product with a 10 foot pole

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  16. luckygunnerx30

    Im so tempted to eventually pick one up to scavenge the trigger out of it. Lightning bows feel so damn good and my LMT’s need it

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