[Rifle] FRF2 .308 Sniper Rifles w/Accessory Packs – French Surplus – $6,850.00 and up

[Rifle] FRF2 .308 Sniper Rifles w/Accessory Packs – French Surplus – $6,850.00 and up


[Rifle] FRF2 .308 Sniper Rifles w/Accessory Packs – French Surplus – $6,850.00 and up

14 reviews for [Rifle] FRF2 .308 Sniper Rifles w/Accessory Packs – French Surplus – $6,850.00 and up

  1. garbagekr

    Baise oui

  2. reign-of-fear

    I’ve wanted to own one of these since 5 BGC(Before Gun Christ) and now that they’re available I can’t afford them. RIP me.

  3. Meta1spy

    They’re baaaack. Link is to the cheapest one but there’s a few others available if you search for frf2 on their site.

  4. passing-aggressive

    How long until this entire batch ends up in a Forgotten Weapons video?

  5. millencolin43

    Not even going to lie, i didnt know these existed until resident evil village 😂

  6. PandaCatGunner

    Whats the scoop on these from my forgotten weapons homies?

  7. monii31795

    Relive your Resident Evil Village moments

  8. baijiu5000

    It’s cool and all but an mr762 is like the same cost and comes with stickers 😛

  9. TheRealMrSkeleton

    Can we get some french surplus FAMAS’s instead?

  10. unspoken_arrangement

    Thank you gun Jesus for giving me an irrational desire to own one of these.

  11. fnbrowning

    From a Sniper Central review; “The French have a fairly practical system in the FR-F2, with accuracy approaching 1 MOA on a good day.”
    *Approaching* 1 MOA “on a good day” for $6800??! You’ve got to be F*ing kidding!!
    I have a turn-of-the-century Armalite AR10 (albeit with a JP rifles SS barrel) that routinely shoots sub-MOA and my entire rifle + SS re-barrel cost me substantially less than Six Thousand Dollars!!

    The FR-F2 is for well-heeled collectors that don’t necessarily shoot very much.

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  13. Florida_Man_Revolt

    2030 in the front, 1930 in the back! Yeah baby!

  14. ConfirmedPoor

    I’m not familiar with this weapon but on first glance it looks like a Mauser some gun smith thought he could mod into a sub MOA gun. I’m comfortable with my assessment and will not confirm it’s legitimacy.

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