[Rifle] FN SCAR 16S Flat Dark Earth (10+1) – $3300 (in-store pickup)

[Rifle] FN SCAR 16S Flat Dark Earth (10+1) – $3300 (in-store pickup)


[Rifle] FN SCAR 16S Flat Dark Earth (10+1) – $3300 (in-store pickup)

9 reviews for [Rifle] FN SCAR 16S Flat Dark Earth (10+1) – $3300 (in-store pickup)

  1. torchredzo6

    Wow you can find the 17s for cheaper.

  2. SalemLXII

    This is my favorite rifle I’ve ever owned or shot. It’s fantastically light for the size, incredibly accurate, It’s recoil impulse is like a gentle push from a friend. The irons are solid, the stock is fantastic for an Ugg boot, grip angle kind of sucks tbh. Also they don’t work with Gen 2 PMAGs.

    Buy if you want it, you won’t regret it. Otherwise buy an SR-15

  3. amberlamps03

    I have a 17 and a 16 SBR’d to 10” and it’s my absolute favorite one to shoot. The thing is ridiculously reliable and doesn’t fail.

  4. BlueJay–

    These have been hard to find but god damn.

  5. vkbrian

    $3300 and it still comes with a 10-rd mag 😳

  6. _pwny_

    I would actually think about paying this if it was Belgian but for retail US made fuck off

  7. AssumptionRemarkable

    Respectfully asking what am I missing here? At the end of the day this shoots 556 rounds and surpasses my AR?

  8. RedditPlatinumUser

    considering sportsmans sells the 17 which is much better for less i don’t know why you would buy this unless you are collecting

  9. torchredzo6


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