[Rifle] FN M16 Rifle Military Collector 223/5.56 NATO 20″ $1490

[Rifle] FN M16 Rifle Military Collector 223/5.56 NATO 20″ $1490


[Rifle] FN M16 Rifle Military Collector 223/5.56 NATO 20″ $1490

16 reviews for [Rifle] FN M16 Rifle Military Collector 223/5.56 NATO 20″ $1490

  1. echocall2


    I bought this a few months ago for $1500 and I’ve had a great time LARPing. Would recommend it at this price, seller is very g2g.

  2. Trevelayan

    A damn fine rifle, but that price makes me feel like I stole my NOS upper from OOW for $500

  3. YourBoyHoudini

    Already have the FN M4 Military Collector and have been looking for one of these….

  4. 29palms97

    Excellent, now I can do drill movements in my basement.

  5. TooEZ_OL56

    Doesn’t uncle sam get these for like $400 a pop?

  6. leica_boss

    They should make A1 and A2 versions.

  7. tallaurelius

    I’m slowly becoming a clone whore

  8. Jesse_Blue

    These are so cool I need one in my life

  9. OutHereTrappin

    What kind of engravings do these have on the lower? “Fancy” FN?

  10. echocall2

    bot oos

  11. Styx3791

    I have one. Love it!

  12. LynchTaco

    They’re out of stock.

  13. ImportantDelivery852

    Website looks like some kid made it.

  14. doritoscornchips

    Good thing it was out of stock, my local store just got a S&W 686 in 6 inch barrel that I plan on buying. I would have ordered this too and my credit card would hate me.

  15. acemcgilacutty


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