[Rifle] FB Radom Beryl Rifle in 5.56/.223 – $1499 in stock

[Rifle] FB Radom Beryl Rifle in 5.56/.223 – $1499 in stock


[Rifle] FB Radom Beryl Rifle in 5.56/.223 – $1499 in stock

15 reviews for [Rifle] FB Radom Beryl Rifle in 5.56/.223 – $1499 in stock

  1. BlindSpider11

    Perfect for those wanting to make a wz.96 clone.

  2. 19hInterrupt

    They also have a picatinny rail that attaches over the dust cover in stock.

    The same rifle is also in stock at Arms of America

  3. ManicPuma

    Man they sold out faster this time than they did in March

  4. MilsurpDan

    I got lucky and snagged one from AoA

  5. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    These things are sweet, and I really wanted one, but at $1500 it was close enough to LMT money that I just went with an LMT.

    Would absolutely not resist to buy this if I was deadset on an AK. FB-Radom is legendary.

  6. irondoor33

    Fork… missed it. Definitely want one of these!

  7. siniquezu

    5 minutes…that sold out quick. and i thought it was overpriced.

  8. silvaliningplaymaker

    OOS already? Damn

  9. blakebake

    Damnit. Missed it being on a conference call. Hopefully these keep coming in consistently for a while.

  10. 761stTankCommander

    I secured the bag from AoA after being too slow on the draw at Atlantic.

    wanted two so one could be free but w/e. mission accomplished

  11. Crapricornia

    How are the ban state muzzles welded on? Is it like a little tack or something that can be dremeled off?

    I’m a dum-dum, it’s a small tack weld, I saw it in the pic on Atlantic’s site.

  12. henryfrank33

    Are they out until they get more in from Poland or is this just temp out of stock for now and will be back next week? Assumed theyd bring more in this time.

  13. Poisend

    How does this compare to a WBP Fox?

  14. ghost1814

    What do magazines go for? I imagine they cost a fortune, but I’m happy to be proved wrong

  15. Wide-Ad3254

    Will these ever come to the states in 7.62×39 or 5.45?

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