[RIFLE] Enfield No. 1 Mk 3 surplus $499 at Atlantic

[RIFLE] Enfield No. 1 Mk 3 surplus $499 at Atlantic


[RIFLE] Enfield No. 1 Mk 3 surplus $499 at Atlantic

10 reviews for [RIFLE] Enfield No. 1 Mk 3 surplus $499 at Atlantic

  1. head_meets_desk

    For $500 these look like a hot mess.
    Also super annoying that they put the importer marks on the side of the receiver like that.

  2. Erik_bo_Berik

    It’s surplus condition for $500, not really a deal IMO but if you want to scratch that .303 itch, this could be a good option.

    At this point I feel like I’m having to accept that old milsurp is only going to get shittier and more expensive. Not that I like it, but if you want something historic, this seems to be the reality.

  3. Grand_Cookie

    If these are RTI imports they’re literal garbage rods

  4. Kingcornchips

    Man RTI/IO is really ruining the surplus market here. Charging inflated prices as if these weren’t shit-tier shot-out rifles. At 300 I’d be a buyer. At 400 I’d probably consider it and pass. At 500, plus shipping, plus transfer fee, for those without a C&R, I don’t know what their market its. Panic buyers who think .303 is a good survival round? (It’s not). those new to the market without a clue?

  5. The-Legate-Lanius

    I’m tempted. Anyone have any reasons I shouldn’t buy this?

  6. [deleted]


  7. jjb1197j

    For $500 these things look really beat up.

  8. AtterosDominatus

    As someone who actually really wants an SMLE No 1 Mk III i’m a tad bit surprised they’re already sold out.

  9. NotoriousDVA

    Handled one at a gun show once. It was kind of SMLE.

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