[Rifle] Eminem Industries M10X W/Magpul Zhukov-S – 7.62×39 – $1199.95

[Rifle] Eminem Industries M10X W/Magpul Zhukov-S – 7.62×39 – $1199.95


[Rifle] Eminem Industries M10X W/Magpul Zhukov-S – 7.62×39 – $1199.95

23 reviews for [Rifle] Eminem Industries M10X W/Magpul Zhukov-S – 7.62×39 – $1199.95

  1. OutHereTrappin

    Slim Shady makes guns now?

  2. REKetofelt

    MLOK handguard with quick detach for emergent straining of mom’s spaghetti

  3. modified-10

    I read the title and thought “damn, first he opened a spaghetti shop, now he’s selling guns too”

  4. GunHappyMan

    Yo Slim

  5. sushii-taco

    Son: “Mom, I want a Galil!”

    Mom: “We have a Galil at home honey.”

    *Galil at home*

  6. bigstupidtorgo

    I bought one of these earlier this summer. I have put a few hundred rounds through it. Every three to five rounds, it will fail to eject the casing properly — the extractor pulls the casing out of the chamber, but the spent casing still ends up interfering with the bolt action. When it happens, the casing usually sticks out perpendicular to the ejection port.

    I emailed M+M customer service, but never heard back. It’s been several months. I really want to like this rifle, but it’s just not as reliable as my old Norinco MAK90.

  7. Tuco86x

    That title gets an upvote regardless of pricing

  8. PGT_FTW

    The platypus of 7.62×39’s…

  9. dipdipfatty

    I was very interested in these in till I read the high round count reviews, thing will not run after a few thousand rounds.

  10. panda1876

    Manufactured on eight mile road

  11. MightySchwa

    Does it come with vomit on the sweater already?

  12. MM_Industries

    Title made me chuckle. Good job.

  13. Putin_Pidaras

    Yeah, All I know, I’m listening to my Will Smith’s CD upstairs and…

  14. Quest4life

    It looks like a mutant mutant

  15. toastthebread

    [related but not really.](https://youtu.be/SZ_MriC2Z1M)

    It’s just stuck in my head.

  16. nismo591

    TIL my m10x has almost as many rounds as their test guns. Also I’ve never had any issues with mine which I guess means I got a good one.

  17. CookingwithKafka

    M+M industries makes nothing but trash, esp the M10.

    Got an M10 pistol from them that wouldn’t fire. They wouldn’t take it back either because it was out of warranty (not even a years warranty).


  18. OutHereTrappin

    *”Well This Looks Like A No From Meee!”*

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  20. tacticalAlmonds

    Had to check which subreddit I was in.

  21. IO_engineer

    this is a really great rifle if you want to practice clearing random malfunctions not so randomly.

  22. Any-Entertainer9302

    The fact that IWI made the Ace look like this abomination makes me ill.

  23. pennamewilly

    So is this an IO m10 or whatever they were called?

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