[Rifle] EAA Tanfoglio Appeal 22LR Bullpup, 10 + 1, 18″ barrel, $329 with email for price.

[Rifle] EAA Tanfoglio Appeal 22LR Bullpup, 10 + 1, 18″ barrel, $329 with email for price.


[Rifle] EAA Tanfoglio Appeal 22LR Bullpup, 10 + 1, 18″ barrel, $329 with email for price.

35 reviews for [Rifle] EAA Tanfoglio Appeal 22LR Bullpup, 10 + 1, 18″ barrel, $329 with email for price.

  1. Dave_A_Computer

    Stumbled across this thing, figured if I had to see it y’all might as well too.

  2. madnippler

    Finally! All the accuracy and power of 18″ 22LR and the door-kicking, cqc ability of a hard hitting .22 bullpup.

  3. enixthephoenix

    Naming this thing Appeal is like a stripper named Chastity

  4. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    Anyone else getting Alien vibes from this?


    Love how ugly it looks almost to the point where it’s cute

  6. xIceberg

    It’s good to know they have autists in other countries, too.

  7. uhkayus

    We have FAMAS as home

    FAMAS as home:

  8. the_absolute_unit

    Don’t they also come in .22 magnum?

  9. fudd_man_mo

    It’s so ugly.

    I love it!

  10. Blue-cheese-dressing

    I’ve seen these for a few years, is this the old Walter ambi 22 bullpup (G22) that was discontinued but in a different chassis?

  11. TwattyMcTwatterson

    I won one of these at a CAA Banquet in 2014 or so. It needs optics because the sights are trash but it is a blast to shoot once you get it set up. I wish I could find some bigger magazines for it 10 rounds go so fast lol

  12. InterestingCraft3

    wut in tarnation

  13. gebsmith

    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUTPihygb-A](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUTPihygb-A) (22WMR version but probably the same otherwise)

  14. PandaCatGunner

    Its like an HK USC, an HiPoint carbine and panzer BP12 had a 3 some baby

  15. DCMoney556

    Looks like an uglier Walther G22.

  16. Bingo_9991

    Babe wake up Space Force’s new space gat just dropped

  17. grumblebear42

    “Can we have the Morita Mk 1 from Starship Troopers?”

    “We have a Morita at home.”

  18. 1DollarOr1Million

    Ok guys, this, or 1,000 rounds of 9mm?

  19. AAA_Game

    Holy Autism

  20. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    that is the ugliest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen.

  21. CPTherptyderp

    Does this take glock mags

  22. Takemepoqhs

    The only reason I don’t want one is no threaded barrel

  23. GAFsBro

    FAMAS we have at home.

  24. Odysseus556

    Tbh I don’t see the appeal

  25. Franchey69

    Pero why?

  26. tycoge


  27. XZLR8N

    Looks like the 12 gauge Jackhammer Lite

  28. Ryanrealestate

    This gun needs to eat a sandwich

  29. yodamiles

    I have seen version of this (they used to be sold under Walther brand?) being sold for the past 15+ years.

  30. MicatronUltra

    I want this. I want this? Why do I want this?

  31. CrazedCthulhu


  32. inlinefourpower

    Anyone know where to get magazines for cheap?

  33. Tear_Agile

    This thing still exists!?!

  34. GucciSalad

    A gun uglier than the HiPoint carbine??

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