[Rifle] DD M4A1 $1,689 + 9.99 shipping

[Rifle] DD M4A1 $1,689 + 9.99 shipping


[Rifle] DD M4A1 $1,689 + 9.99 shipping

6 reviews for [Rifle] DD M4A1 $1,689 + 9.99 shipping

  1. Dad_Shepherd

    Is it just me or is this an awesome price?

  2. Alkalyse

    Thanks, OP, long-time lurker here. First gun deals impulse buy. BIN pricing IMO

  3. EcuaCasey

    You know, I hate California gun laws and the added difficulty in getting something like this. But I realized when I looked at this I have probably around 10k more money in my bank account that would otherwise have been spent on cool guns.

    Sorta bittersweet, more bitter than sweet.

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  5. reshp2

    Do they still make one with an FSB sticking through the rail?

  6. [deleted]


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