[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16″ Rifle – $1,498 with code “slimjim”

[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16″ Rifle – $1,498 with code “slimjim”


[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16″ Rifle – $1,498 with code “slimjim”

3 reviews for [Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16″ Rifle – $1,498 with code “slimjim”

  1. JPD232

    The DD deals are out of control today. Nature is healing.

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  3. Cheap_Blacksmith66

    Y’all are a TERRIBLE influence on me. I’m on vacation making me wake up from a nap and wip out my credit card so fast pretty sure it woke up my sleeping child when the sound barrier was broken. In41

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