[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16 – $1,510.50 shipped with code ‘slimjim’

[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16 – $1,510.50 shipped with code ‘slimjim’


[Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16 – $1,510.50 shipped with code ‘slimjim’

10 reviews for [Rifle] Daniel Defense DDM4V7 16 – $1,510.50 shipped with code ‘slimjim’

  1. onemany

    I’d like this in a 14.5″ for $1510.50 please and thank you.

  2. Freshprinc7

    Just picked one up to be my first AR-15. Super excited!

  3. MGT01

    Anyone know if this DD rifle has a high or low shelf for RDIAS?

  4. IronJackk

    I’d just like the upper. Don’t need the lower.

  5. molibya

    How does the DDM4V7 like steel cased ammo? Any owners care to chime in?

  6. theccpownsreddit

    Can anyone input on the Difference between this and the pro?

  7. Bowlinnn

    Picked this up last Saturday and couldn’t be happier. Great rifle. Great customer service. Had it to my FFL in VA by Thursday and I got it to
    the range today.

  8. [deleted]


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  10. ChiefBrianIrons

    Get the LW version if it’s the same price.

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