[Rifle] Colt LE6920 OEM2 AR15/M4 Rifle – No Furniture – $755.95 shipped

[Rifle] Colt LE6920 OEM2 AR15/M4 Rifle – No Furniture – $755.95 shipped


[Rifle] Colt LE6920 OEM2 AR15/M4 Rifle – No Furniture – $755.95 shipped

12 reviews for [Rifle] Colt LE6920 OEM2 AR15/M4 Rifle – No Furniture – $755.95 shipped

  1. NowCartographer

    Optics Ready

    Stock Ready

    Handguard Ready

  2. uhkayus

    At this point, you’re buying it for the roll mark. Lol

  3. TheCantalopeAntalope

    Since they’re selling it without a stock, why not put a legit M4 14.5” barrel on it and sell it as a pistol? Then you could SBR it down the road

  4. brobot_

    A great deal in my book, you’re getting a good BCG, a good barrel, a good LPK minus the trigger guard you probably wouldn’t want anyway and the super cool M4 rollmarked lower instead of that aweful “Carbine” marking.

    You can use the base lower for future clones but in the meantime have a pretty good rifle. I think the whole carbine vs midlength gas advantage is overblown too. My 14.5 Colt with carbine gas isn’t perceptibly harsher than my brother’s 14.5 Midlength URGI or my sister’s 14.5 Midlength build. I’ve tried them all side by side, I can’t tell a difference.

  5. BerniceFighter

    I’m ready for $300 lowers.

  6. CrunchBite319

    If Colt just changed the model number from 6920 to 69420 they’d be back on top of the AR market purely on meme sales.

  7. ABlackEngineer

    Why doesn’t it come with that shoulder thing that goes up

  8. TheWarHam

    What a strange way to sell a partial AR

  9. KirbyStyle

    I feel like at this price point waiting for a Zion 15 for $700 makes more sense.

  10. surf53

    Rollmark jokes aside, does anyone have info on the quality of these barrels and assembly compared to other higher tier ARs? Has QC gone down since CZ got involved int eh process?


    Fuck. I’ve been piecing together a MW2 “clone” build for a little while, but decided to use an aero lower because it was the only lower I could find in FDE and I didn’t want to spray it. Well now most of the other lower parts are sprayed because I couldn’t find them in fde, so I could have sprayed the lower anyway.

    Now here comes an actual Colt for less than what I’ve pieced together. If I buy it, I can get a pony on the lower and just spray it, but I’d be admitting defeat in my original piecemeal build, at the expense of another $800. But I could use those other parts to simply build a different rifle/pistol (sell them on gafs I guess)

    Trapped between my stubbornness and my gunsooomerism.

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