[Rifle] Colt CR6920 $699 +ship/tax

[Rifle] Colt CR6920 $699 +ship/tax


[Rifle] Colt CR6920 $699 +ship/tax

13 reviews for [Rifle] Colt CR6920 $699 +ship/tax

  1. Doctah_Feelgood

    Kind of concerning, as the picture is of a Ruger AR…

  2. Bm7465

    There’s nothing observably wrong with Colt’s current rifles. I have 0 doubt that they run, run well and would last most shooters a lifetime. They’re just not the same Colt as they were 15 years ago.

    If you go into it thinking “wow, I’m getting a storied Colt rifle just like how the military got them back in the day” you’ll be disappointed. If you go in thinking “Colt typically puts out pretty reliable rifles, I’ll grab a CR6920” you’ll probably be pretty happy with this purchase.

  3. chrisdetrin

    back to precovid prices on 6920s now do ammo please.

  4. thuwa791

    This, a M&P, or an MPR?

  5. Destroyer1559

    Just reposting an old comment of mine, good to watch if you’re considering one of these Czolts.

    Here’s a couple videos comparing [old Colt vs new Colt](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIhJi2zr_7U&t=97s), and [comparing the new CR prefix LE6920 to the old LE6920](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNXD_LUT61M&t=1075s) from pretty much *the* Colt expert outside of Colt themselves.

  6. Bombryder

    Anyone ever bought from these guys before?

  7. joshuakang190

    Great deal on a duty grade rifle

  8. Mecha_Ninja

    Colt product naming structure is hard to follow for the uninitiated.

  9. RitzBitzN

    Not sure about their lowers / lower components, but I have a Colt LE6920CK upper and it runs like a sewing machine. I think at most I let it go about ~2500 rounds between cleanings and I didn’t have a single issue.

    Not sure if the CR6920 rifles have the LE6920CK upper, though.

  10. renegadeGDI

    Wow what a sad day, I have a real 6920 from back in the day (10 years ago) when it was considered one of the best AR-15s you could buy.

  11. Justdags

    too bad it is way to non complaint for NJ

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