[RIFLE] [CODE] SIG SAUER M400 SNAKEBITE 5.56 NATO FDE STAINLESS 16 – $899 + FS (code:s100f)

[RIFLE] [CODE] SIG SAUER M400 SNAKEBITE 5.56 NATO FDE STAINLESS 16 – $899 + FS (code:s100f)


[RIFLE] [CODE] SIG SAUER M400 SNAKEBITE 5.56 NATO FDE STAINLESS 16 – $899 + FS (code:s100f)

10 reviews for [RIFLE] [CODE] SIG SAUER M400 SNAKEBITE 5.56 NATO FDE STAINLESS 16 – $899 + FS (code:s100f)

  1. opossomSnout

    Ouch. My brother just bought this a few weeks ago from LGS for 1200. I tried to talk him down, but the force was too strong.

  2. Zezo213

    Damn this looks sexy.. I need to make up my mind and get my first AR already.. Can someone help decide if this would be better buy than a $750 Ruger 556 MPR? Thanks!

  3. Echotek

    This one is good, but the “Tube Snake” version is the one I’d look out for. Goes for cheaper, and blems can be found with a slight bend to them.

  4. beefstrip

    Sexy deal

  5. DadReplacer

    This or $200 more for the Tread Coil?

  6. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    This, or the IWI for a sub $1000 “comes complete, go to war” quality AR platform?

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  8. DadReplacer

    Well, I don’t mind the fde but it doesn’t necessarily catch my eye. I think the coil is a better overall deal but just wanted to see what others think. I like that the cool already has a good amount of things that come with it out of the box

  9. Dogsport1

    Have one of these as my “daily driver” rifle. Love it. Very accurate, good controls, and was fairly light til I put all my tacticool crap on it. For 900 bucks, you can’t really go wrong, and the paint scheme does get the occasional compliment at the range, if that’s your thing.

  10. alexseiji

    Is this a better deal on the same model?

    Edit: nvm…. Out of stock

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