[Rifle] CENTURY ROMANIAN WASR-10 7.62X39MM 16.25″ RI4313-N – $799.99 No tax, $30 S&H

[Rifle] CENTURY ROMANIAN WASR-10 7.62X39MM 16.25″ RI4313-N – $799.99 No tax, $30 S&H


[Rifle] CENTURY ROMANIAN WASR-10 7.62X39MM 16.25″ RI4313-N – $799.99 No tax, $30 S&H

22 reviews for [Rifle] CENTURY ROMANIAN WASR-10 7.62X39MM 16.25″ RI4313-N – $799.99 No tax, $30 S&H

  1. BudgetPhoenix

    Cheapest WASR I could find. For some reason it doesn’t show on some of the listing aggregators. Retailer seems legit from what I could find.

  2. milk_tea_with_booba


  3. pipelineporter

    This is a great deal in today’s market. Anyone wanting to get into the AK game, this is the starting point

  4. wormraper

    not a bad price in this day and age. hope it drops more, but definitely more palatable than the $900-$1000 they’ve been this last 2 years

  5. pipingwater

    If you want to get into AKs buy a WASR with confidence. Passed the AKOU test with flying colors. Made in the same factory on the same machines as the military AKs. Fantastic rifle and will last longer than you will.


    Just replace the shitty wood furniture with some surplus wood or plastic tacticool stuff.

  6. Steel-and-Wood

    Lowest I’ve seen in about 6 months, good buy

  7. hennessy_black

    Waiting for these to be back in the $600-$700 range.

  8. onewithcouch

    100 dollars more for a great Yugoslavia earlier…

  9. Mr_Glock17

    I have a Zpap and a WASR. They are both badass rifles. If you are on the fence with either of them I say send it or get both like me lol

  10. 0sgilioth

    Tempting. But I’m holding out for a Romanian Draco if possible

  11. Illdieforthefunk

    this is a wasr v2 – note the gas block

  12. Dunedain__Ranger

    Just make sure the mag release isnt dicked up like mine :/ had to file it down

  13. SkyNetBreaker

    Why so black?

  14. lv_techs

    Decent price, but honestly I’d spend another hundred and get the new yugo

  15. TacomaGlock

    Man I remember when these were $499 on Atlantic all day. Back then I thought… nah that’s too much.

  16. CrazedCthulhu

    Man these are ugly

  17. JanMayanOP

    Really don’t see this prices tbh, zpaps are far better and I’ve seen them for only $100 more but you don’t have to replace shitty furniture that was made of melted down child’s toys also better fit/finish and quality overall

  18. Fl0wida

    HODL. Prices have been coming down quite quickly

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  20. captstix

    This, or the Zastava that’s been popping up here lately?

  21. Ok_Understanding1612

    Why buy this over a Zastava M70?

  22. Melodic-Ad8243

    I think I may get this

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