[Rifle] CA legal vz.58 Liberty 556CSM Fixed Mag – $1,675.00

[Rifle] CA legal vz.58 Liberty 556CSM Fixed Mag – $1,675.00


[Rifle] CA legal vz.58 Liberty 556CSM Fixed Mag – $1,675.00

8 reviews for [Rifle] CA legal vz.58 Liberty 556CSM Fixed Mag – $1,675.00

  1. MyNameIsHunter

    “Liberty” ultra ironic moniker here

  2. urban1alchemist

    F for the all homies behind enemy lines

  3. FischlandchipZ

    I seem to remember these being way, way cheaper before. Like $1200? More of an “in stock” notification, since there seldom ever are in stock.

    Anyway, Czechpoint offers some fixed mag models to comply with state laws. You are able to keep the pistol grip and stock because of the fixed 10 round magazine.

    One thing I’ve never seen confirmed is whether the 5.56 models can use stripper clips. It makes sense for the 7.62 ones, but I can’t imagine they made a new bolt to fit the STANAG clips.

  4. SupreamSammy

    VZ-58’s are fucking cool, that’s all

  5. Leroy_Kenobi

    These are also New York legal. As long as the magazine can’t be removed on a gun, it’s legal in NY no matter what else it has on it.

    NYC specifically I can’t speak for though. They have their own set of rules and banned items that don’t apply to the rest of the state.

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  7. fourleggedpython

    This is the first time in a long time I have seen CzechPoint USA have anything in stock. Nice to see they are not ignoring Cali.

  8. insaneium1

    As far as compliant rifles go, that looks pretty cool. If I lived in one of those states, I might get one.

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