[Rifle] Beretta ARX100 – $1,299.99 + Shipping

[Rifle] Beretta ARX100 – $1,299.99 + Shipping


[Rifle] Beretta ARX100 – $1,299.99 + Shipping

26 reviews for [Rifle] Beretta ARX100 – $1,299.99 + Shipping

  1. WilllOfD

    Can’t even lie part of me wants to give this a bluefin tuna custom cerakote job

  2. OfficialHavik

    B I G

    T U N A

  3. Sudden_Giraffe

    Big Brown Tuna.

  4. perrierpapi

    Is beretta still making these?

  5. President_Nixon1

    This used to be $800-$900

  6. SneakStock

    Damn this is actually really tempting this shit is cool haha

  7. iRacingVRGuy

    Are they bringing them back to the US market now?

  8. VinceAutMorire

    These are pretty dope rifles, but look a little silly with the 16″ barrel. Otherwise, the biggest complaint I’ve heard is sling attachment options. Beyond that, they are full ambi, well-built, and accurate, ohhh and the quick-change system is sick af!

    If you get the chance to handle/shoot one, then definitely do it because they are kinda “slept-on” in the gun community.

  9. RayG1991

    Mom I want Scar!

    No son, we have Scar at home.

  10. bl00dintheink


  11. ClutchofGold

    so i actually got shoot one of these in the wild at one of my local public ranges. one thing no one seems to mention is how stupidly hot the front of the gun gets when firing. Also the balance of the gun is crazy forward. like the center of balance on the gun is forward of the mag well it felt like. despite that, it was stupid accurate to 200 yards.

  12. NotoriousDVA

    Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads

  13. czpz007

    Tactical Tuna

  14. realbmp

    Beretta. Rifles modeled on big fish. Pistols modeled on candy bars.

  15. TheSchweez

    I know everyone says she’s a lot of fun, and that she has a great personality, but damn… That bitch BIG

  16. GodHatesEmos

    Ugh I wish they released the .308 version

  17. theycallmedelicious

    This is one ugly sumamabitch.

  18. TacticalChannelCat

    Damn I kinda regret trading mine now.

  19. Orwellian-Noodle

    C H O N K

  20. PGT_FTW

    snagged the last one

    bot OOS

  21. returnsfourohfour

    Damn a couple of years ago I remember seeing these for $500 at my LGS.

  22. vinegar_strokes68


  23. Heistman

    I don’t know why but these are so damn cool for some reason.

  24. hawkeyeisnotlame

    fish gun!

  25. medicieric

    Ewww, gross. I want one.

  26. tubadude2

    Can we have ACR?

    We have ACR at home.

    ACR at home:

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