[Rifle] BCM RECCE-16 MCMR-LW Carbine Black $1399.95

[Rifle] BCM RECCE-16 MCMR-LW Carbine Black $1399.95


[Rifle] BCM RECCE-16 MCMR-LW Carbine Black $1399.95

15 reviews for [Rifle] BCM RECCE-16 MCMR-LW Carbine Black $1399.95

  1. No_Stop9923

    Is this how you become deadly in the mountains?

  2. SnooShortcuts9367

    This or ddm4v7?

  3. CocknBalls_69

    If you’ve ever found yourself recceing go ahead and hit that subscribe button

  4. Dionysusigma

    Have this, but with a Geissele S3G trigger and Keymod rail, and a TA31 ACOG with ACSS reticle and piggybacked RMR, Cloud Defensive REIN, MBUS Pro sights, and BCM shorty vertical grip for my 2-/3-gun rifle.

    https://i.imgur.com/UxEdE9s.jpg (Older picture back when it wore a Streamlight HL-X)

    *Easily* my second favorite rifle, after my Noveske Mk18 Mod 0 clone.

  5. JDShadow

    Lol I commented on the 14.5 posted yesterday about this deal. It’s a solid gun.

  6. TheRenownWolf

    If you only want one ar, get this and you really won’t ever be left wanting.

  7. raybanrammar

    Are the BCM complete uppers ever for sale from any place other than BCM?

  8. FreshOutdoorAir

    Is there shipping or tax? I know Rifle gear has it no tax and free ship.

  9. Maximus_Ballsackus

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  11. High-Brow-Low-Brow

    Showing $1499.95 for me?

  12. killbot47

    I saw Godzilla last night where they were rocking the 14.5 version of these so I am super tempted.

  13. nomorebreakfast

    How’s the LW version of this vs the regular barrel? When I bought mine I couldn’t find any LWs in stock anywhere

  14. Hambonelouis

    BCM doesn’t show lower receivers as an option on their website currently. Have they stopped making them?

  15. AlwayzPro

    Nah, just get that new m&p 15 😂

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