[Rifle] Barrett M95 50BMG Bullpup Bolt Action Rifle (Free Shipping/ Tax Free) – $6472

[Rifle] Barrett M95 50BMG Bullpup Bolt Action Rifle (Free Shipping/ Tax Free) – $6472


[Rifle] Barrett M95 50BMG Bullpup Bolt Action Rifle (Free Shipping/ Tax Free) – $6472

21 reviews for [Rifle] Barrett M95 50BMG Bullpup Bolt Action Rifle (Free Shipping/ Tax Free) – $6472

  1. tenchi4u

    #DO IT, PUSSY!!!!!!

  2. Linkmaco3

    This logic might be dumb but if you’re gonna pay $6500 for this then might as well spend $8k for the M82A1. Yes you can find them for just over $8k if you’re patient, and it’s WAY more fun to shoot 50bmg semi auto over bolt action. Way more.

  3. fourleggedpython

    Legitimately want this. Any issues or known problems?

  4. FartingInTheCloset

    There’s a new one over on snipershide/AR15 for $5999 w/ some extra stuff

  5. GucciRifle

    One day m82 will return to this price

  6. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    So are we gonna talk about the url extention, or…?

  7. CrimsonxAce

    Ah, yes…my grail gun from my days playing BC2.

  8. SoundOf1HandClapping

    What I really want to know is why the URL contains “[penischopper](https://i.gyazo.com/f0e06ff9b3b79d87b6140110bb4fa764.png)”

  9. snowman762x39

    I’m saving up for a holosun or I would

  10. PeacemakerBravo

    *[Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vibes Intensify]*

  11. Galst-Vic

    This or a semester of college?

  12. MaximumKaleidoscope9

    Anyone know what ecommerce/distribution site this store is hosted on? I have seen several that have this exact style.

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  14. AlaskaGamer

    Man I knew I shouldn’t have bought that svt-40. I would have been able to buy this.

  15. Hurricaneshand

    I guess it would suck ass if a 50bmg blew up regardless but something about the bullpup style and my face being right over the chamber would make me nervous. Never heard of any of these doing that but after seeing the Kentucky YouTube guys video of his 50 blowing up it’s all I think about when I see a 50

  16. enclave76

    I do have a 50 cal can…. What’s one more?

  17. dirtyaught-six

    Gun broker has 4 of these for 6k each. One of the first results that pops up.

  18. JakeDfw2021

    I’ll take 3

  19. Accomplished-Luck680

    Shipping killed the deal.

  20. Socially8roken

    Am I the only one that sees Red Star and thinks Communism?


    This ain’t it, Chief.

    If you want a bolt action fiddy, the AR-50, M99, and BFG-50 are literally a fraction of this price.

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