[RIFLE] Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG manganese phosphate 10+1 IN STOCK – RK $8,999.97

[RIFLE] Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG manganese phosphate 10+1 IN STOCK – RK $8,999.97


[RIFLE] Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG manganese phosphate 10+1 IN STOCK – RK $8,999.97

31 reviews for [RIFLE] Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG manganese phosphate 10+1 IN STOCK – RK $8,999.97

  1. moparmadness1970

    I want one in titanium nitride, just as god intended.

  2. Adseg5

    Honestly, I just really appreciate that they throw in some iron sights with the optic ready model.

  3. panda1876

    Waiting for “I live in a one bedroom apartment. Is this a good first gun, good for home defense? Plan to put an olight on it”

  4. jaybee1669

    Actual text of the 1 review of this gun on the site:

    Fun plinker!

    Review by J. Y. on 7 Jul 2021review stating

    Fun plinker!Great first time gun for my 8 year old! She loves knocking over pop cans a mile away! Low recoil and great for first timers!

  5. The_Mad_Noble

    This is the CA compliant version with a 10 round mag.

  6. icydeadpeeps

    I’ve wanted a Barrett for a while but I don’t think there’s anywhere I could actually shoot it so I can never justify it. The only real outdoor range near me is a 25/50/100 yard range mostly for fudds zeroing hunting rifles. I don’t think they’d appreciate this.

  7. Mendicant_Bias-

    Honestly, maybe one day I could afford this and maybe even be able to shoot it once or twice a year. But I won’t lie, the comments on these always satisfy and check way more many boxes than I think the actual purchase of a “sup-fucker” would ever do.

  8. tubadude2

    I want to get one just to see the looks I get from the gun counter workers and then from everyone else while leaving the store.

  9. whiskey_outpost26

    They have this, but their goddam popcorn machine was still mothballed today?!? What the FUCK, RK?? My five year old was legit pissed he didn’t get the fresh popcorn I promised him.

  10. FIThrowaway6969

    For when you need to kill Russians…from Alaska.

  11. DeadHorse1975

    Shooting down ATF helicopters since 1993.

  12. Skirt-Administrative

    I’ll just wait a year and trade a peice of plywood and 2 gallons of gas for one.

  13. CJ_Figy


  14. platapus112

    Manganese. Alot of people don’t know what that is

  15. Roundr-Inc

    Decent for squirrels?

  16. _jB_

    In b4 glizzy mags comment

  17. Fishbulb2000

    Manganese…a lot of people don’t even know what that is. – Carl Spackler

  18. typical12345

    Read the 1 review for this, quality 10/10

  19. Chapped_Assets

    Of all the things that went up in price, I can’t believe an M82 without a scope is like 25-30% higher than it was a year ago.

  20. Chulgo

    Does this take Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG mags?

  21. melaflander34

    So no bullshit, looking at the M99 or HS50. Seeing as these attract mostly meme comments, does anyone have some real world with bolt action 50BMG?

    Wanting to get out to 1k and the idea of sending 660GR of love that far makes me happy.

  22. dirtyboots702

    No Affirm payment option…I’m out

  23. Opr9r

    Do these take Glock mags?

  24. Overpowernamerino

    IN FOR 10

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    I dreamed I owned one of these last night. Then I set it down somewhere and couldn’t find it, and I got pissed.


    “Fun plinker” lol

  28. slamed123

    I was waiting for these to come in stock again. Wanted to give one to my son for Christmas last year

  29. mmetrinko37

    In for a case, thanks

  30. ComradeCam

    Hey this will only take maxing out 1.4 of my credit card money. Hmmmm

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