[Rifle] Axis Arms Italian Surplus M1 Carbines $1,349.99-$1,449.99

[Rifle] Axis Arms Italian Surplus M1 Carbines $1,349.99-$1,449.99


[Rifle] Axis Arms Italian Surplus M1 Carbines $1,349.99-$1,449.99

13 reviews for [Rifle] Axis Arms Italian Surplus M1 Carbines $1,349.99-$1,449.99

  1. PatentedPenisPump

    Have personally bought multiple firearms from Matt, he’s a stand up guy. Easy to work with and always has good stuff

  2. bigchungusmode96

    >Axis Arms Italian

    Oof unfortunate naming

  3. WowYoureKindaNice

    Ah I suppose Midway didn’t get all the M1 carbines recently surplused from the Italian police department, seems like these came from the same batch. These pretty much all sold out instantly here too. The M1 I got from midway was pretty much all early war parts and matching from the factory except one part and the rear sight, definitely not a mixmaster. Its in great shape even though I got the second shittiest grade, pretty glad I got one. I don’t think you can go bad with the M1s from this batch of imports although I’ve seen some a few shitty vastly over graded ones.

  4. Chosen_Undead

    I really want one of these as a collection peice, but I still feel like the price is high.

  5. Mike2994

    I picked up three of these in Matt’s shop earlier today. They all are in great condition (better than the Midway M1s) and all have many early features & seem to have most of their original parts.

  6. HLYuall

    No bayonet lug? How am I supposed to skewer the Nazi Zombies?

  7. robinson217

    Wow, Mausers and Nagants over $700. I didn’t realize what a golden time my youth was as I snapped those things up for $79 at Big 5.

  8. thisisATHENS

    Perfect for some diabetic b00mer to buy ten of so his kids can eventually trash them.

  9. gcm5039

    I’m sure Midways were twice as nice since they were double the price


  10. freq-ee

    Aren’t these suppose to be like $300 each at the most?

    Yeah, I’ve stopped buying most gun stuff until this craziness goes away. It’s just a big rip-off full of profiteers. In a year or so the market is going to be flooded with all this crap people paid way too much for.

    I mean, even the new PSA Dagger is going for $600. Are you guys fucking idiots? Who the hell pays double retail for a first generation PSA product?

    Anyway, I’m sure this comment will get downvoted because this sub is a circle jerk for the profiteers posting this crap..lol

  11. daveeder

    just gonna wait 10 years and pick one up at a real estate auction. this is gucci ar parts/nice import pricing

  12. Mike2994

    Bot OOS

  13. throw2525a

    Is this the gun that goes “ping”?

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