20 reviews for [RIFLE] ARSENAL SLR 107R AK47 RIFLE $1599.00

  1. Archangelus87

    Pre Pandemic they were $1100 and even then people thought they were overpriced, this is ridiculous.

  2. TacomaGlock

    Easily my most regretted sale. Mostly because I had one of old AKA $2k in quality at a $1k price tag. Oh and you better believe I sold 1k golden tiger with it too. Fucking 20s.

  3. FabulaJones

    Good lord this is 300 more than I paid on gunjoker

  4. NegativeCreep12

    Motherfuckers out of their god damn minds

  5. KirbyStyle

    Wow…I can only imagine what people would pay for a 107fr now. Paid $950 and this was PRE Hillary panic. This is insanity.

  6. enclave76

    Way over priced. You can get more rifle for less on pretty much everything

  7. VisNihil

    There’s no reason to get this over a SAM7R at this price.

  8. SeahawksClippersBro


  9. pgdevhd

    L o L

  10. DefendWaifuWithRaifu


  11. LordBork_w1599

    Bought my sam7 at 1400 pre pandemic

  12. IllegalSBR

    Clown price

  13. ATF_Dogshoot_Command

    Lmao, at that price just get a KR103

  14. loki993

    Wasn’t this supposed to be the “cheap” under 1K arsenal?

  15. Ok-Coconut-2743

    I dont get the Arsenal hype. I bought a 107R in early 2020 and was disappointed. The fit and finish was poor, and the paint on the barrel turned a greenish yellow tint after less than one magazine through it. I was disappointed to learn the 107R are apparently contracted out and not even made by Arsenal. I bought a SAM7 hoping for something better and worth the price. Besides the milled receiver and folding stock, it was the exact same poor fit and finish. Same exact small parts, same barrel discoloration issue. Same paint job. They were made at the same place guaranteed. Either Arsenal is just overhyped, or they sub out all there builds to a second tier Bulgarian company with a few Arsenal supplied parts and are overhyped. What makes them worth the price people pay I have no idea.

  16. paintcheck

    da hell is wrong with people

  17. mark2347

    WBP is better

  18. Inevitable_Twist

    Ahahahahaha… oh man… ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  19. NeuralBreakDancing

    I’m never paying that much for an ak

  20. Pale-Instruction-845

    I spent 1350 NIB half sporterized Russian Izzy AK last year. Felt like a fool for months but now I feel like the smartest man in the whole wide world

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