[Rifle] ANDRO CORP .223/5.56 BRAVO16 MOD 0 $499.95. See specs in comments

[Rifle] ANDRO CORP .223/5.56 BRAVO16 MOD 0 $499.95. See specs in comments


[Rifle] ANDRO CORP .223/5.56 BRAVO16 MOD 0 $499.95. See specs in comments

12 reviews for [Rifle] ANDRO CORP .223/5.56 BRAVO16 MOD 0 $499.95. See specs in comments

  1. Dunedain__Ranger

    Andro corp is solid, great customer service too

  2. landubious

    I’m seeing these $500-600 rifles and wondering if they are just as good or better as what I’ve been putting together over the past two weeks for $150-250 more.

    16in BA Hanson upper
    Aero M4E1 lower with Magpul SL
    Radian Raptor LT
    Toolcraft Nitride BCG
    Radian Talon Ambi safety.
    $751 w/tax shipping

  3. dnakee

    Eh, you’ve seen one ar15 you’ve seen em all.

  4. ApolloNotCreed

    That was quick

  5. Lurkin_Yo_House

    Ordered an upper from them. Listed as midlength government profile barrel. Received a carbine gas m4 profile barrel without any mention of it.

    I reached out and they said they got a big batch of those barrels and that I shouldn’t notice. They offered to replace it for free. But I decided to keep it. I’m gonna sell that upper off. They were nice but that shouldn’t happen.

    Probably won’t order from them again tbh.

  6. Package_Objective

    Seems worth it in parts alone, it even has a Balistic advatage barrel

  7. showercrepes


  8. DorkWadEater69

    What an unfortunate name for a company. It makes me think of a sexless eunuch.

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  10. landubious

    15in ATLAS R-One MLOK, midlength gas system.

  11. EstaGoffe

    I have their 10.3 and qcb8 as they are local in my town, great quality builds. My LGS has these regularly at this price

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