[Rifle] Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 AM15 Optic Ready Rifle – $499.95

[Rifle] Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 AM15 Optic Ready Rifle – $499.95


[Rifle] Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 AM15 Optic Ready Rifle – $499.95

13 reviews for [Rifle] Anderson Manufacturing .223/5.56 AM15 Optic Ready Rifle – $499.95

  1. maneco3000

    Is this a good sign? Are we almost there like the good Ol days?

  2. PGT_FTW

    local shop sitting on a bunch of poverty pony builds they did from lowers and asking double this LOL

  3. castanza128

    We are in the dystopian universe of 500 dollar ar’s and thousand dollar ak’s…

  4. dubbleoshoe

    These are good to go. u/big_daddy_kane1 can tell you all about his easily achievable 1.5 moa with a red dot using this rifle.

  5. code_six_

    OpTiC ReaDy

  6. lastoneshooting

    honest question, is a gas block sitting out in the open like that okay? i’m way too hard on my guns to imagine that being the case. i know an M4 technically has its gas block out there on the FSP, but this just seems odd.

  7. TAYWR3X

    Gas block should be fine, depends on how attached. A tube would be sus for sure.

  8. ajr2409

    A “complete” rifle for under $700? Nature is healing.

  9. IntrospectiveApe

    Seeing this price gives me serious hope. Not that I want any more ARs, but maybe ammo prices will soon follow this downward trend.

  10. analcvnt

    this or a psa upper/lower build?

  11. grishacat

    I got one of these, it would only fire once, had to push the trigger forward to reset it, had to replace it. Then I replaced the gas block to support a front buis. Then replaced the stock and the grip because I hated both. My advice: spend a bit more up front and save in the long run.

  12. RodeoClip

    Junk Tier AR.

  13. gotnoaero

    Just as good

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