[RIFLE] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal – $38.99 ($11.99 S/H)

[RIFLE] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal – $38.99 ($11.99 S/H)


[RIFLE] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal – $38.99 ($11.99 S/H)

9 reviews for [RIFLE] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal – $38.99 ($11.99 S/H)

  1. theycallmeLITTLE

    But if there’s no logo how are people gonna know I’m poor?

  2. RightIndividual1

  3. WiseDirt

    After calculating in the sales tax and transfer fee at my LGS, this still comes out more expensive than just buying the same thing directly off the shelf for $80 😓

  4. [deleted]


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  6. arooni

    Legit question what makes these terrible especially as compared to the aero blemished lowers

  7. GloryholeKaleidscope

    The 1st AR I built has a Anderson lower I bought in a private sale from a friend/co-worker. It has a: “these colors dont run” in white and a flag on it and it’s just not my jam. Does anyone know how to remove that w/o damaging my magwell wall??

  8. Nlsl1012

    Anyone know if kygunco charges FFL fee for in store pickup? Couldn’t find anything on their site

  9. ImBadWithGrils

    Anyone know a deal on a full jig and bit setup that isn’t too bad and would work on a drill press?

    I have experience machining, but no mill at home

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