[Rifle] Anderson am-15 5.56 nato mlok $499.99 free shipping

[Rifle] Anderson am-15 5.56 nato mlok $499.99 free shipping


[Rifle] Anderson am-15 5.56 nato mlok $499.99 free shipping

7 reviews for [Rifle] Anderson am-15 5.56 nato mlok $499.99 free shipping

  1. Figdudeton

    Well it’s better than that Radical right below this.

  2. AnarkeIncarnate

    Fuck, not even the manufacturer lists the specs…

    EDIT: https://andersonmanufacturing.com/complete-rifle-assy-am-15-m-lok-5-56-nato-16-mid-length-forearmb2-k869-a005.html for those interested

  3. MysticMacKO

    This is low price. Should I get this rifle for first AR or does it suck so bad it’s not worth $500

  4. Zachattack516

    If this came in mid length with magpul/BCM/B5 furniture it would be a really good deal imo

  5. WiseDirt

    Ngl, I kinda dig the look of that handguard

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  7. lowb_da9

    Damn it’s ugly, but I’d take it over a BCA or Radical if I was a Poor

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