[Rifle] American Ruger Ranch 5.56 NATO ($493.09)

[Rifle] American Ruger Ranch 5.56 NATO ($493.09)


[Rifle] American Ruger Ranch 5.56 NATO ($493.09)

21 reviews for [Rifle] American Ruger Ranch 5.56 NATO ($493.09)

  1. ginjaninja3223

    I do not need to spend $500 today please someone else buy this

  2. Donald-Chump

    Have this in 6.5cm and x39, both fantastic for the price. Scary accurate for a sub $500 rifle even with steel 7.62. Hope this sells out quick as I am more tempted than I ought to be.

  3. eclipsedrambler

    Sweet in for one. Fuckers charged me shipping for in store pickup. Dicks.

    Use WELCOME20 for $20 off if you haven’t purchased before.

  4. 420Phase_It_Up

    This is more of an availability alert than a killer deal. But seeing how hard these guns are to find in stock, I figured I share it here. I just got an in stock notification for this rifle and thought that someone on this sub might be interested.

  5. TheChiRho

    Does this take AR mags?

  6. Who-him-is

    Check or money order only? Wtf is this, 1920

  7. Camanny

    X39 when

  8. Squisherton

    will this take pmags or AICS mags?

  9. ManTheHarpoons100

    If I could find the 7.62×39 version for this price I’d be all over it.

  10. 17-6spd-GT

    Contemplating a rifle like this for short range fundamental practice.

    308 is expensive…

  11. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    Can I ask what the appeal of a bolt action 5.56 which costs as much as a low end AR is?

  12. turboboob

    This is a nice discount on the $529 I paid in-store locally for the same rifle.

  13. FlawlessCowboy

    Man I wish this had iron sights.

  14. Esrange

    I wish these came in a nice wood for I am a fudd at heart

  15. LordHummungous

    Love my Ruger American…searched for 14 months before I could find it in 7.62. Now it goes in the coffin with me!

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  17. cddixon108

    Whats everyone’s opinion about the 6.5 grendel version of this rifle? A local store to me has one for $399

  18. ilikepie145

    I think I got this for about $440 in 2020. It was my first gun

  19. Muad_Dib_of_Arrakis

    And it’s out of stock lol

  20. Kyle_dixon_hismouth

    I had one of these in 300blk, brand new, never shot it, sold it a couple weeks later… I didn’t like how sloppy the bolt felt… I did all of the YT videos to work the bolt in and make it smooth, it just felt sloppy over a Remington 700 pattern, where there’s two lugs to ride a rail, on these, there is just a side lever riding inside of a high tolerance rail.

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