[Rifle] $240 HI POINT 4095TS .40S&W CARBINE

[Rifle] $240 HI POINT 4095TS .40S&W CARBINE


[Rifle] $240 HI POINT 4095TS .40S&W CARBINE

14 reviews for [Rifle] $240 HI POINT 4095TS .40S&W CARBINE

  1. razz538

    Let me see this in 9mm for 200 and I’ll swallow my pride

  2. insaneium1

    Get this and put some wood furniture on it, [https://www.amazon.com/Tejas-Products-Point-Carbine-Walnut/dp/B07JN7XB2C](https://www.amazon.com/Tejas-Products-Point-Carbine-Walnut/dp/B07JN7XB2C). Nice Acog and you got quite the little carbine.

  3. VeraTachikaze

    I have it in 9mm and agree with other comments here. The mags are an embarrassment and the Red Ball stendos are even moreso. If ever a gun oughta take Glock mags, this is one of them.

  4. _PewPewMan

    I should have bought one in 9mm of these a few years ago when I saw it for $159

  5. DrDeezerKnudsen

    Chopper in the fortay smiff and western

  6. Provia100F

    These are fantastic guns and the stock iron sights are incredible. I’ve never felt any urge to put any other sights on the gun because I like the stock ones so much.

    40 S&W is probably a really good choice right now, because we’ve seen it be one of the few rounds that’s reliably in stock during shortages.

  7. Bingo_9991

    I’d die for one in 10mm instead… No homo. Actually I have an idea… *drills out the chamber to fit 10mm with a hand drill and a case of bud light

  8. IdyllicArcadia

    $200 and I’ll buy one

  9. mjisdagoat23

    From the videos I’ve seen. The Carbines are very reliable but Heavy as Shit. I doubt 40 is a good route to go these days.

  10. BabaYaga2017

    I could have had 6 of these instead of a CMMG Banshee 45? Fleeced.

  11. JPD232

    Flannel Daddy approved /s.

  12. RobbKyro

    Gonna need these for when the apes rise up

  13. ClandestineArms

    Can someone mod this gun into like a fallout pipe pistol vive

  14. always_an_eagle

    Things are returning to normal. My hi point carbine in 9mm was the first rifle I ever bought with my own money. Been a reliable range gun

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