[Revolver] Smith And Wesson 686 Plus 357MAG 7RD 2.5″ $819

[Revolver] Smith And Wesson 686 Plus 357MAG 7RD 2.5″ $819


[Revolver] Smith And Wesson 686 Plus 357MAG 7RD 2.5″ $819

5 reviews for [Revolver] Smith And Wesson 686 Plus 357MAG 7RD 2.5″ $819

  1. brianstheman

    Good luck finding mags for this thing.

  2. Tuco86x


  3. TacomaGlock

    Anyone able to give some experience on how much these kick with .357mag and how well this grip helps with control?

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  5. Snoo-13577

    I’ve been thinking about getting a snubby .357 for my first revolver in a real caliber. Is this one a good choice/price?

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