[Revolver] RUGER SUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN 44MAG 2.5″ 6RD $1,034.07 no tax

[Revolver] RUGER SUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN 44MAG 2.5″ 6RD $1,034.07 no tax


[Revolver] RUGER SUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN 44MAG 2.5″ 6RD $1,034.07 no tax

14 reviews for [Revolver] RUGER SUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN 44MAG 2.5″ 6RD $1,034.07 no tax

  1. PandaCatGunner

    For those Alaskan Bull Worms

  2. gdmfsobtc

    One of my favorite stainless 44 Mag snubbies, this is good price.

  3. OGNerdy1

    What’s more important ladies the size of the tool or the size of the load…

  4. ForgeLT

    $25 shipping btw

  5. [deleted]


  6. SouthPawCO

    I regret selling mine years ago. Very cool wheel guns.

  7. maurerm1988


  8. EastwoodRavine85

    2.5″ .44 mag? That’s gotta be spicy as hell

  9. Thomas_peck

    Where’s the 454?

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  11. Yoopew

    Out of stock

  12. _Alskari_

    Reported: I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.

  13. LordHummungous

    I dont need it!! I don’t want it!!! I’m NOT going to buy it!!!

  14. Apolopolo99

    Why does it seem that revolvers cost so much more than even high quality automatics?

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