[Revolver] MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR SS 350LGD 7.5IN $1099

[Revolver] MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR SS 350LGD 7.5IN $1099


[Revolver] MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR SS 350LGD 7.5IN $1099

14 reviews for [Revolver] MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR SS 350LGD 7.5IN $1099

  1. XL365

    I saw a guy at the range with one of these in 45-70 ….. it was fuckin ridiculous

  2. cokeman2424

    350 Legend? What kind of sorcery is this shit?

  3. TriblialBrainDamblge

    To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day

  4. JackRubyTuesdays

    IWB appendix carry to really impress the ladies.

  5. SalemLXII


  6. Dsopptha

    If you’re a bad shot you can just barrel slap someone with this yard stick of a gun

  7. ALNWV

    Big Frame Revolver, for those curious.

  8. VoluptuousBLT

    Is this good for killing Legion scum and/or clearing out infested quarries?

  9. Sgt_Sodomy

    .350 legend? i thought i might be having a stroke for a minute.

  10. 2ndammend

    Meh I’m holding out for the Heiser .450 Bushmaster

  11. OfficialHavik

    How well does this conceal AIWB?

  12. VTPeWPeW247

    357 maximum would be much cooler.

  13. Durty-Sac

    350 Legend revolvers are the best handguns ever.

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  14. JamesTBagg

    Roland Deschain has entered the chat.

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