[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO DA/SA 357MAG 4″ 6RD BL $971.97 No Tax

[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO DA/SA 357MAG 4″ 6RD BL $971.97 No Tax


[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO DA/SA 357MAG 4″ 6RD BL $971.97 No Tax

12 reviews for [Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO DA/SA 357MAG 4″ 6RD BL $971.97 No Tax

  1. PandaCatGunner

    How do these really shoot, is it much different or better than a conventional revolver. I know the science behind the design, but anyone have personal experience

  2. AgreeablePie

    Damn, this is tempting. Think I’m not shooting enough to justify it to myself… yet. If they get down in price much more my bank account may have to take a hit.

  3. drgreenthumb12372

    space cowboy

  4. Mc_squawk_box

    Need bigger, gotta compensate for my lil weiner.

  5. Italia64

    Sold out.

  6. BlazerFS231

    One day, I’ll get one of these for a hunting gun.

  7. CrimsonxAce

    Damn… even attended a gun show today looking for one and this slips under my nose. 😮‍💨

  8. Sea-Economics-9582

    They’re 1.1-1.3k at bass pro right niw

  9. honokami

    2″ 9mm pls

  10. juanoncello


  11. xaronax

    Don’t buy this until you’ve seen one in person. The line where the front part connects to the main frame ruined it for me.

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