[Revolver] Chiappa RHINO Black 60DS 357MAG 6″ 6RD $1025

[Revolver] Chiappa RHINO Black 60DS 357MAG 6″ 6RD $1025


[Revolver] Chiappa RHINO Black 60DS 357MAG 6″ 6RD $1025

14 reviews for [Revolver] Chiappa RHINO Black 60DS 357MAG 6″ 6RD $1025

  1. I_work_too_much

    There’s literally like 90 versions of this gun… Which one I want? (357)

  2. TacklinTempura

    I need a nickel plated one to go with a black one. Then I can larp as Vash the Stampede. Hahahaha

  3. fourleggedpython

    Fuck I literally bought stuff yesterday but this is my grail and unobtanium. How often have you seen these /u/Tuco86x ?

  4. Fuckreddit696900


  5. PNWbbwhunter

    Ive been want this for awhile but that price is the gunbroker pricing.

  6. InfiniteWalrus09

    4 inch. Gives a good fireball and sound, minimal recoil. 6 inch if you’re planning to do anything practical like hunting. Don’t worry about gold or nebula, go black or nickel. Don’t pay more than 950-1000 or so. These things don’t sell outside of pandemic and get marked down. Shit with firearms is still stupid, if you can wait, wait.

  7. herc123456

    Still $200 overpriced for me

  8. MatthewTheManiac

    Sell my Jericho 941-R and buy this hmmmmmmm

  9. Radioactiveglowup

    Fantastic revolver. It’s almost shocking the first time you pop some .38 SPL out of it, and feel like you just fired .22 Mag instead.

  10. Blade_Shot24

    Okay no reference to this being Jet Black’s gun?

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  12. mtrblue

    How are these? Especially for the price? Not sure if reasonable or not.

  13. yobob591

    fuck its already gone…. that was fast

  14. MP-The-Law

    Damn, bought a 50DS back in April for $1200. Would have preferred the 60DS.

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