[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO 60DS 357 MAG 6″ 6 ROUND $1,049.99

[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO 60DS 357 MAG 6″ 6 ROUND $1,049.99


[Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO 60DS 357 MAG 6″ 6 ROUND $1,049.99

16 reviews for [Revolver] CHIAPPA RHINO 60DS 357 MAG 6″ 6 ROUND $1,049.99

  1. paxilpwns

    Been waiting on a good price for the double single action 6 inch. Picked this up. Thank you for posting.

  2. Tuco86x

    NOTE: In description it states-


  3. bleedbreakdowns

    Just picked one up from my LGS last week. Thing is really cool. Got 250 rds 357 mag and 250 rds of 38 sp online for .59 cpr online for father’s day to go with it!

  4. sixtysecdragon

    Needed this to finish my space gun larping set. So sad.

  5. schwetybalz

    If y’all had to buy one Rhino which one would it be? 2 inch? 4 inch? 6 inch?

  6. blunt-drunk

    I want the 30D so bad 🥲

  7. Digital_Gun_Slinger

    Man, I bought one brand new from BGS a few years back and it ended up being a nightmare. Gnarly copper fowling from the factory, several trips back to the factory, and on the return from the final trip I took it out of the box only to have the plastic cylinder release snap off and fly across the room.

  8. ApokalypseCow

    I’m gonna hold out for the new Mateba 6 Unicas, whenever they hit, so I can have my bottom-cylinder fun in semi-auto.

  9. gunner_freeman


  10. Eleet007

    No nebula no care.

  11. Swella99

  12. Pedropanini

    Wow, now I can blow my fingers off for the low price of $1050!

  13. Puzzled-Computer158

    It’s not gold.

  14. Primitive-Mind

    The handle looks so tiny… Like it should be 30 to 50% bigger.

  15. cjk1000000

    Great gun! Really gimmicky looking but it shoots great with both .357 and .38!

  16. [deleted]


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