[Revolver] Chiappa Firearms Rhino 40DS 357 4″; Brushed Nickel $1099

[Revolver] Chiappa Firearms Rhino 40DS 357 4″; Brushed Nickel $1099


[Revolver] Chiappa Firearms Rhino 40DS 357 4″; Brushed Nickel $1099

8 reviews for [Revolver] Chiappa Firearms Rhino 40DS 357 4″; Brushed Nickel $1099

  1. Sample_Name

    /u/immortan_jared This the one you wanted?

  2. Adseg5

    Tuc if you keep this up I’m going to end up with so many revolvers I’ll need another safe!

  3. Tuco86x

    I believe someone was looking for a 4″ nickel. Cant find the post but here it is if interested

  4. jebodiah93

    Hacw the 60ds and love it. I would love to have all the sizes but unfortunately I found wallstreetbets and am out of money to burn.

  5. Cr0wbaar

    Alright so I was just about pull the trigger on the 4″ 686+ for $850 that you sent me and now I see this. Is this worth the extra $250? I just bought a bunch of other shit recently so was really trying to keep the revolver purchase under a grand but this is very tempting.

  6. gdmfsobtc

    If you are only getting one Rhino since Nebula is unobtanium, this is the size to get. The faux stainless finish on this is really cool live.

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  8. Pyrophagist

    Not a big fan of nickel or stainless firearms myself, but I sure do love the appearance of the Rhino. They offer one in OD green and it makes me tingly in my bathing suit area.

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