[Reloading] CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers 1,000/Box – $82.99

[Reloading] CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers 1,000/Box – $82.99


[Reloading] CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers 1,000/Box – $82.99

16 reviews for [Reloading] CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers 1,000/Box – $82.99

  1. Negativitee

    $8 higher than last month.

  2. kfromm65

    Better deal than one of my lgs had, he was ripping people off at 200 bucks a brick.

  3. Right-Contribution-8

    I definitely don’t recommend buying at this price, but if you really need them I understand. Use code TAG on 2 boxes for $15 off. They’ve been doing that 2k primers and a $75 GC for $200 package, and that is a much better deal with the code than this. I hope they’re not doing away with that.

  4. MikeWaz0wski

    hodl. not even remotely a deal with a limit of two and hazmat, tax, shipping

    this price is even higher than they’ve been recently charging although availability have increased.

  5. nixthewiz

    Doesn’t seem like a deal at all

  6. PewPew3737

    These are like $43.99 at Sportsmans Warehouse all day, wtf Browneyells

  7. Tha_Big_Ohhh

    Hard pass.

    Hold the line gents!

  8. kamikaziH2Omln21

    This is moreso an availability notice rather than a “deal” per say. I know that primers, esp. #400 small rifle have been hard to come by for a while now, so this is more of a “get it if you’re desperate” option.

  9. Objective_Tourist_11

    Guess all the hodl simps didn’t learn their lesson over the past twelve months.

    $70-80 (depending on type) a brick is the new MSRP for primers from CCI.

  10. NEp8ntballer

    I’m now less mad at paying 7-8/100 at Academy.

  11. lv_techs

    For some reason the only primers I ever score at my local bass pro have been small rifle, needless to say I’ve been reloading 223, 357, and 9mm with them no issues..

  12. squoril

    I dont regret buying 30 boxes of this at $33/box with free ship to local Cabela’s last year

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  14. atthemattin

    More impressed they had them

  15. big_aug

    Price will seem cheap next year.

  16. squoril

    I dont regret buying 30 boxes of this at $33/box with free ship to local Cabela’s last year

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