[Rebates] Glock Slide Optic cut $100 – $75 rebate code CUTDAT – FREE s/h

[Rebates] Glock Slide Optic cut $100 – $75 rebate code CUTDAT – FREE s/h


[Rebates] Glock Slide Optic cut $100 – $75 rebate code CUTDAT – FREE s/h

34 reviews for [Rebates] Glock Slide Optic cut $100 – $75 rebate code CUTDAT – FREE s/h

  1. jaymassinello

    Where can I see your colors at? I have a 19x I need cut for a trij. Not sure which color would be good

  2. Mrbeercan

    Any chance you can do a P10F slide? I’m getting a new one after the last machinist that jagerwerks recommended ruined my slide.

  3. Sentence-Prestigious

    Any love for a Glock 21?

  4. zjd0114

    Let me know when you offer M&P9 M2.0 milling!

  5. djcsquared

    Does this come with a cover?

  6. blunt-drunk

    Dang, so i couldn’t send you my P365 slide to mill? I could even do a little extra…

  7. Ambitious-Garden4120

    Do you have a high polish kind of color?

  8. Signal_Expert1515

    Will these cuts fit a cover plate when there’s no optic on the pistol?

  9. Touch_Me_There

    Is the camo pattern on the 43 in the pictures on your site possible? If so what would that add to the cost?

  10. Direct-Example

    Great deal, in for one. Birthday gift to myself 😁

  11. Oldfatsad

    In for two. Now to find deals on two RMRs in the next three or so weeks.

  12. brichmond1

    I don’t ssee a Glock/Venom service (or HK VP9/Venom). Will you have any of them soon?

  13. NoGods–NoMasters

    Are you able to install new sights to co-witness if I sent with the slide?

  14. bobsburner1

    Can you do a g19 507k cut?

  15. Inanimate9

    Any possibility for a 43x RMR/Holosun cut?

  16. mobbinlama

    I’m hoping to get my glock 19 soon so I’ll definitely be getting one.

  17. CrayZ-Z

    I have a 43x MOS, but would prefer not to use a plate adapter. Can you mill that slide for the 507k?

  18. levim402

    Any chance you guys do Glock 45 RMR cuts?

  19. CaliEDC

    How long will this rebate last? Busy for the next few days with remodeling.

    Edit, In for one

  20. Teufel_hunden0311

    So, RMR/507c cut on a 19X with keeping the 19X coyote color?


    What is the color selection for?

  22. DoubleEagle5

    What’s your typical turnaround time? Are you able to do a MCB cerakote?

  23. ToplessEskimo

    I didn’t see any pics or mention of index posts. Are those milled too?


    Where are the laser engraving styles you offer? Can’t find them on your site

  25. rcberna84

    Able to do a multi cam cerakote?

  26. jacoblb6173

    Sent it

  27. kuhndawg13

    Are you able to match the color on a 19x after milling ?

  28. spiga78

    Can u cut a shield plus

  29. akathedevil666

    In for 1. I know you said no need to disassemble but is that a preference on your end or would you rather have us disassemble it if possible? I would rather not have you strip my front sight screw or misplace/replace some of my parts.

  30. Ben__34

    Glock 29 possible?

  31. logandc

    I know Jagerwerks will install the 507k If you include it with the slide in the shipping and then laser align the irons. Is that something you guys would do as well?

  32. doubleUTF

    how long do I have to send in a slide after purchasing?

  33. PedroGoHard

    How about Glock 41?

  34. 4OMikeMike

    Does this discount apply to elite series cerakote w/rmr cut?

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