[Pistol]FN 66968 FNX Tactical 45 ACP 5.30′ 15+1 FDE $1024.88 + 20 dollar shipping

[Pistol]FN 66968 FNX Tactical 45 ACP 5.30′ 15+1 FDE $1024.88 + 20 dollar shipping


[Pistol]FN 66968 FNX Tactical 45 ACP 5.30′ 15+1 FDE $1024.88 + 20 dollar shipping

25 reviews for [Pistol]FN 66968 FNX Tactical 45 ACP 5.30′ 15+1 FDE $1024.88 + 20 dollar shipping

  1. DevAlmighty

    They seriously need to release this in 10mm.

  2. Chewynugetman

    This is a great suppressor host.

  3. Reddit__is_garbage

    Holy crap these have gone up in price. I got one with a Vortex venom for $899 in nov 2019

  4. akazabam

    Wow, that’s an FN good price.

  5. cheshirelaugh

  6. darkcity9620

    Paging u/derfdog.. I seem to remember something about you needing some FNX Tactical in your life..

  7. HoosierHammy

    I love mine. I also paid $1375. If you’re on the fence about this gun, buy it and don’t look back. The barrel is also supported enough to run .45 super and can be reamed for .460 Rowland.

    There’s few guns in my life that I love more than this handgun

  8. Jman534

    Cheapest price on the FNX 45 in FDE that I’ve seen in the last couple years. I posted this last time it came up and got a cancellation notice that they sold stock they didn’t have. Hope this time orders go through

    Edit: probably should of included that price is after you do the “email for price option” takes a few minutes or so to reach your inbox.

  9. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    Chief: This is it.

  10. james_green42

    Thanks, just ordered one.

  11. joeyicecream


  12. Jman534

    Bot OOS

  13. WN556

    I bought one from this vendor a month ago. The ad says it’s supposed to come with 3 mags, but mine only came with 2.

  14. BimmerAddict

    Miss the days where you could get these at Cabelas on a black friday deal for $800…

  15. Choogly

    At this price….not sure if worth.

  16. SgtRinzler

    Got one for 840 off a gundeals post like a year and a half ago, I haven’t seen them this low since. Those who pulled trigger on this made away with it

  17. JimmJardashian

    I remember declining to buy one from Camping World in 2019 for $700 because others were getting it for cheaper.

  18. Fapcactus

    To my fellow man-children out there; there’s a solid chance you won’t be able to get a good grip on this chonk. Full disclosure I only owned this one for about a year and maybe put 250-300 rounds through it, but completely failed to find a decent way to grip the thing and my accuracy plummeted as a result. I have pretty medium sized hands too (Glock 20 gen 4 is the most perfect fitting handgun I’ve held thus far for the shape/size of my hands) Needless to say my dad and his giant paws ended up with it and he loves it

  19. TikTokInfluencer

    wow…this isn’t even BIN pricing…..this is stealing.


    good find OP

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  21. JasonKattan


  22. Frequent_Craft7496

    Damm great deal I love mine

  23. Ok_Choice3417

    When to click on the link it’s actually $1200

  24. 0nlineBot

    Got a Ak last week. cries in pain

  25. tberg905

    I have the non tactical version, any good ways to get the tac slide and barrel for not insane prices?

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